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  1. Candy Pink
  2. Rain Drops On Aspen Leaves In Autumn
  3. Evening light
  4. Malachite
  5. Pink and Yellow Mum Blossom Opening
  6. Yellow Tulip Petals II
  7. Fern leaf, close-up
  8. Close-up shot of a bright green leaf hanging from a branch.
  9. Cross-Section of a Fig
  10. Close-up of smooth rocks on a beach, Iceland
  11. Close-up of hellebore flowers and bud
  12. Purple Aster After Rain
  13. Wet leaves
  14. Tail Feather Design And Pattern Of Many Varities Of Lovebirds
  15. Old Glory
  16. Trio
  17. Boat Reflection II
  18. New Hampshire, Maple Leaf On Granite, White Mountains
  19. Calla Lily (Zantedeschia Mango)
  20. Fairy Dust Drops
  21. Maine, Acadia National Park. Two leaves form pattern on pond water
  22. Avalanche Lily II
  23. Pine Needles II
  24. Sea Anemone body, Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia
  25. Green Paradise Palm II
  26. Small Emperor Moth female, Switzerland
  27. Sap
  28. Braking
  29. Light In The Dark
  30. Three Trees
  31. Cottonwood Breeze
  32. Mineral Rings Geode
  33. Three stems of fresh green Hop lying on antique paper
  34. Harvest Sentiments I BW no Words
  35. CA, Lancaster, CA Poppies spring bloom
  36. Red Yellow and Green Maple
  37. Buffon's Macaw feather design
  38. A Swainson's lorikeet
  39. Red eyed tree frog, Agalychnis callidryas
  40. Blossoms I
  41. Last ice drop.
  42. Rio Abiseo morph of the Pepperi poison dart frog, Ameerega pepperi
  43. Wet autumn leaves
  44. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  45. A critically endangered Clay's hibiscus, Hibiscus clayi
  46. Retroluxed Coculus
  47. Green and Yellow Maple
  48. Sweet Dew