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  1. Daisy Face
  2. Fern On Decay
  3. Purple Haze 4
  4. Cabbage Detail
  5. Raindrops on delicate petals
  6. Washington Arboretum
  7. Wild Pansy, Viola tricolor, Bielefeld, NRW, Germany
  8. Spider Web - Nature Series 848
  9. Coppery-headed Emerald hummingbird hovering, Costa Rica
  10. Dandelion Seed In Golden Sunlight
  11. Frozen Meadow Plant
  12. Detail Of Tree Mallow Pistil-Stamen (Lavatera Assurgentiflora)
  13. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio glaucus
  14. Pink Mum Blossom Opening
  15. Ocean Jasper
  16. Soft Dreams
  17. Ground Cover II
  18. Indian Paintbrush, Scarlet Paintbrush, Castilleja Miniata, Scrophulariaceae, Figwort
  19. Nature Shapes III
  20. Cannabis plant from High Five Farms
  21. Blue Structure
  22. Reflections On A Feather
  23. Calla Lily Curves III
  24. Arboris
  25. Giant Allium
  26. Natural Flow
  27. Spider Web with Dew Drops
  28. Survivor In The Sun
  29. Nature Shapes
  30. Raspberry Dandy Sparkles
  31. My Perfect Rose
  32. Water drops on a leaf, Goldenstedt, Lower Saxony, Germany
  33. Rock of Ages
  34. Peacock Feathers
  35. Close up of a female mallard's feathers
  36. Butterfly Abstract
  37. Hedgehog Flowers II
  38. Common Sunflower close up showing anthers covered with pollen, Bourgogne, France
  39. Star of dandelion
  40. Sweet Nectar
  41. Cherry Flowers, Close Up, White Background
  42. Live Edge IV
  43. Wet leaves
  44. Diesel oil spill from boats in harbor, Denmark
  45. Limenitis a. astyanax butterfly wing details
  46. Dandy Blue Shower
  47. Cherry Blossom II
  48. Wingate Pass Agate, Ca