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  1. Seattle Ginkgo
  2. Brown Acorns
  3. Broad-Billed Hummingbird, Cynanthus latirostris, Southern Arizona
  4. Autumn Colors
  5. A rare male Alabama beach mouse, Peromyscus polionotus ammobates
  6. A scaly-headed parrot, at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
  7. All About You
  8. Peonia Insight I
  9. The Monster
  10. Rosenberg's Gladiator Tree Frog, Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica
  11. Superb Bird of Paradise
  12. Georgia. Sunflower with Lynx spider
  13. Antarctica Glacial Ice
  14. Redpoll Songbird, Alaska, Spring
  15. Georgia; Savannah; Praying mantis on daylily
  16. Dew glistens on the grass, Astoria, Oregon, United States of America
  17. English Dainties
  18. An ivory-billed aracari, at the Dallas World Aquarium
  19. Negative Control
  20. A Drink For Two
  21. CA, Lancaster, CA Poppies spring bloom
  22. Leaves encased in ice
  23. Together
  24. The mouth teeth and tongue of a federally threatened grizzly bear
  25. Browse
  26. A federally endangered Nichol's Turk's head cactus
  27. Natural Fireworks
  28. Sycamore Ending
  29. Kentucky, Louisville. Grass Spider in funnel web
  30. A close up of a common dewberry
  31. Moth
  32. Desert Afterlife 1B
  33. Rowan Sceptre
  34. A federally endangered Nichol's Turk's head cactus
  35. Green Frog, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada
  36. Celebrate Autumn
  37. Closeup Of Leaf
  38. Cornsnake ventral scales
  39. One sided penstemon, San Juan National Forest, Colorado
  40. Treacherous Road..
  41. Mountain Ash Rust
  42. Texas rat snake, at the Omaha Zoo
  43. Calla Lilies I
  44. The foot of an endangered rough-snouted giant gecko, at the Palm Beach Zoo
  45. Red-eyed Tree Frog, Agalychnis callidryas
  46. Large Gold Grasshopper female on horsetail, Switzerland
  47. Flower petal edges
  48. Black Swallowtail Butterfly