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  1. Special operations forces soldier transits the water armed with an assault rifle
  2. A shooter signals the launch of an F/A-18 Super Hornet
  3. U.S. Marines fire an M777 howitzer
  4. President Barack Obama greets U.S. troops
  5. U.S. Navy SEAL combat swimmer pair navigate the waters of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  6. A C-17 Globemaster ejects a supply load of pallets during Operation Koranai Permakhtag
  7. U.S. Navy rainbow sideboys stationed aboard aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
  8. Routine: Inspirational Quote and Motivational Poster
  9. Cockpit view of a pilot flying an F15 Eagle
  10. US Navy Diver swims back to the dive training boat after completing a training mission
  11. A Group Of Navy SEAL's Prepares To Cross Phelan Creek
  12. Guidance: Inspirational Quote and Motivational Poster
  13. A Sailor playing Taps
  14. Diver Ascends A Ladder After Completing A Surface Supplied Dive
  15. Naval cadet walking in front of Tecumseh Court, US Naval Academy, Maryland
  16. Pilots inside the cockpit of a Royal Air Force Merlin Helicopter at RAF Lyneham
  17. A firefighter waits for a fire to get bigger before attempting to extinguish the flames
  18. US Marine driving an amphibious assault vehicle through the Pacific Ocean
  19. Pilot sits in his A10 Thunderbolt II
  20. Infantrymen in a Trench, Notre-Dame de Lorette, 1915
  21. An Air Force Pararescueman Jumps Out Of The Back Of An HC-130 Hercules
  22. Firefighters deploy a fire hose during a drill at Moody Air Force Base
  23. Silhouette of soldiers from the U.S. Army National Guard
  24. Soldiers prepare to board a C17 Globemaster III
  25. A Sailor And Marine Man The Rails Aboard USS Boxer
  26. Marines fire 9mm handguns on the flight deck of USS Peleliu
  27. US Marine sounds a bell honoring fallen Marines during a ceremony
  28. A US Air Force crew chief waits to chalk the flight of an aircraft
  29. Medics operating on a wounded American soldier in New Guinea, 1943
  30. U.S. Navy SEALs give first aid to a wounded soldier
  31. An officer shouts commands during the Trooping the Colour ceremony
  32. US Navy Sailors stand at attention during a frocking ceremony
  33. Low section view of sailors forming ranks for an award ceremony
  34. Japanese-American Troops, 1944
  35. World War II: Okinawa
  36. A Firefighter Fights A Fire During A Readiness Training Exercise
  37. A memorial to prisoners of war on Wake Island
  38. A US Marine Corps pilot gives a thumbsup signal prior to launching
  39. U.S. Marine during combat operations
  40. The Sergeant's Portrait, 1874
  41. A Navy Flying Rifles Drill Team member stands at attention holding the M1 Garrand rifle
  42. US Marines run out of an Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  43. Military Poster: It is the strongest who prevail
  44. American Soldiers Practicing Shooting During Spanish-American War
  45. A Marine sends a fellow Marine down the hell hole of a CH53E Super Stallion
  46. US Navy Diver welds a repair patch on the submerged bow of the USS Ogden
  47. Michel Ney, During the Retreat from Russia
  48. National Guard, Oil Painting Series