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  1. Silhouette of soldiers from the U.S. Army National Guard
  2. Motivational Poster: Fortitude
  3. T.E. Lawrence (1888-1935)
  4. A soldier clears a hallway at a Military Operation in Urban Terrain training facility
  5. President Barack Obama prior to announcing military leadership changes
  6. U.S. Air Force CSAR parajumper armed with an automatic rifle
  7. U.S. Special Forces on patrol in a special operation vehicle
  8. Military Poster: If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself
  9. RAF Sky-Divers
  10. A F-15 pilot looks over at his wingman while in flight
  11. A vehicle commander with his radio equipment attached to his vest
  12. Lieutenant Roberto Lim of the Philippine Islands, serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps
  13. Marine and Navy Man
  14. US Marine Fires An M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher
  15. World War II: Tarawa, 1943, U.S. Marine Corps officers
  16. World War II: Dutch Army, Soldiers of the Free Dutch Army
  17. A French grenade thrower looking through a periscope from a sand-bagged trench
  18. Photojournalist Lucian Swift Kirtland in a trench, 1919
  19. American soldiers on their way to an embarkation port, 1942
  20. Big Red One patch on the uniform of a soldier assigned to the 1st Infantry Division
  21. Pararescuemen jump out of a C-130 Hercules
  22. World War II: Jungle Warfare
  23. Belgian troops in Dendermonde, Belgium, 1914
  24. U.S. troops advancing through barbed wire in a European forest during World War I
  25. Guard at Buckingham Palace, London, England, United Kingdom
  26. Michel Ney, During the Retreat from Russia
  27. World War I: Veteran, 1919
  28. Joseph Warren Stilwell (1883-1946)
  29. Wounded soldiers during World War I
  30. Jean-Baptiste Kleber, General of the Eastern Army
  31. US Navy Diver welds a repair patch on the submerged bow of the USS Ogden
  32. Dry Deck Shelter operators winch down a combat rubber raiding craft
  33. General Lazaro Cardenas del Rio
  34. World War II: U.S. Troops, receiving instructions at an airfield
  35. A Marine Attaches An M-240G Medium Machine Gun To The Turret Of His Humvee
  36. U.S. Pararescuemen and U.S. Marines jump from a HC-130 over Djibouti
  37. A Group Of Navy SEAL's Prepares To Cross Phelan Creek
  38. Full length portrait of Napoleon III at the Chalons Camp
  39. A Sailor Salutes The American Flag
  40. Marines Load A Waiting CH-47 Chinook Helicopter
  41. Soldiers discuss strategy during a tactical recovery exercise
  42. A military freefall parachutist deploys his parachute during a HALO jump
  43. Airman tests a water pump truck
  44. Patton and Mountbatten, 1943
  45. Line Music in 1855, By Edouard Detaille, c. 1870-1912
  46. U.S. Marine PFC Keith A. Cole sitting in a foxhole on Iwo Jima, 1945
  47. Crewmen Salute The American Flag Before Coming Aboard The USCGC Campbell
  48. More than 1,200 service members create a human flag