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  1. A US Navy flight deck director directs an EA-6B Prowler onto a steam-powered catapult
  2. U.S. Marine PFC Keith A. Cole sitting in a foxhole on Iwo Jima, 1945
  3. A U.S. Air Force pararescueman jumps from an HC-130P/N Combat King
  4. Line Music in 1855, By Edouard Detaille, c. 1870-1912
  5. Crewmen Salute The American Flag Before Coming Aboard The USCGC Campbell
  6. More than 1,200 service members create a human flag
  7. World War II: Rendova, U.S. Army soldiers
  8. U-Boat Capture, 1944
  9. Edward Rickenbacker, American aviator
  10. A U.S. Army Green Beret waits to jump out of a C-130H3 Hercules
  11. An Army soldier informs a Marine on the current situation while providing security
  12. Group Of Guides For The Army Of The Potomac, 1862
  13. Marines patrol the streets of Iraq
  14. Romanian paratroopers perform a HALO jump out of a C-130J Super Hercules
  15. A German soldier lights the cigarette of a British soldier, Battle of Epehy, 1918
  16. Aviation Ordnancemen Fold The American Flag Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt
  17. Sailors Practice Firefighting In The Hangar Bay Of USS Nimitz
  18. Dry Deck Shelter operators retrieve a combat rubber raiding craft
  19. A US Marine Participates In A Gorge Crossing Demonstration
  20. Oregon Air National Guard Crews Load Missiles On To A F-15C Eagle
  21. Firefighter Extinguishes A Simulated Structural Fire
  22. Joseph Warren Stilwell (1883-1946)
  23. World War II portrait of General Henry H. Arnold
  24. Cadets celebrate their graduation from the United States Air Force Academy
  25. Home Of The Brave
  26. US Army Soldiers Watch The Arrival Of A Helicopter At An Outpost In Afghanistan
  27. An Aircraft Director Signals A F/A-18C Hornet On The Flight Deck Of USS Kitty Hawk
  28. Joseph Joffre 1915, Marshal of France, By Henry Jacquier, French, oil on canvas
  29. Takeo Yoshikawa (1916-1984), Japanese Imperial Navy officer
  30. World War II: Soldier, 1945, putting flowers in helmet
  31. A Dog Handler Takes Care Of His Military Working Dog
  32. World War II: Bougainville, soldier prepares to throw a hand grenade
  33. The Longest Day, 1962
  34. Firefighters extinguish a simulated cargo fire at RAF Mildenhall, England
  35. Security Forces Members Demonstrate Their Ability To Perform Medical Evacuations
  36. A US Air Force Honor Guardsman stands watch over the casket
  37. World War II: Training
  38. Green Beret rappels down a 50 foot wall
  39. John Joseph Pershing
  40. Divers prepare to launch a SEAL Delivery Vehicle
  41. The crew of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington exercising on the flight deck, 1943
  42. US Navy Diver Files Down A Repair Patch On The Submerged Bow Of The USS Ogden
  43. World War II: Burma, 1944
  44. Soldiers practice an over-the-head rifle toss
  45. Patch of Exercise Green Shield 2014
  46. Airmen provide an overwatch for the fire team
  47. World War II: China
  48. A soldier removes a message from the leg of a homing pigeon during World War I