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  1. Scanning electron micrograph of a human T cell
  2. Glial cells, confocal light micrograph
  3. Mitochondria, TEM
  4. Typical Animal Cell and Plant Cell
  5. Lung cells, fluorescent micrograph
  6. Cell
  7. Scanning electron micrograph of a human neutrophil ingesting MRSA
  8. Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells
  9. Cell
  10. Conceptual image of DNA
  11. Cell
  12. Microscopic view of human B-cells
  13. Synapses, artwork
  14. Volvox colony, light micrograph
  15. Laboratory vessels on drying rack
  16. Conceptual image of mitosis
  17. Castor oil stem, light micrograph
  18. Conceptual image of neuron
  19. Cardiac muscle, TEM
  20. Colon blood vessels, light micrograph
  21. Cell
  22. Cardiac muscle, TEM
  23. Human anatomy showing deep muscles in the neck and upper back
  24. Conceptual image of DNA
  25. Pond life
  26. Antibody, artwork
  27. Cardiac muscle and capillary, TEM
  28. Microscopic view of bacteria
  29. Cell
  30. Mitochondrion, TEM
  31. Cannabinoid receptor binding, artwork
  32. Cell
  33. Dandelion plant stem, light micrograph
  34. Conceptual image of neuron
  35. Stem cells, artwork
  36. C-reactive protein, molecular models
  37. Conceptual image of DNA
  38. Protozoa, historical artwork
  39. Human blood cells, SEM
  40. Normal wrist, X-ray.
  41. Colorized scanning electron micrograph of filamentous Ebola virus particles
  42. Cartilage cells, TEM
  43. Scanning electron micrograph of Staphylococcus and a dead human neutrophil
  44. Sickle cell anaemia
  45. Conceptual image of DNA
  46. Leukemia blood cells, light micrograph
  47. Evolution of life, artwork
  48. Chain Of Molecules