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  1. Microscopic view of human antibodies with red blood cells
  2. Evolution of life, artwork
  3. Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human T cell
  4. Chain Of Molecules
  5. Cyanobacteria, SEM
  6. Bracken rhizome, light micrograph
  7. Nerve demyelination, TEM
  8. Conceptual image of platelets with red blood cells
  9. Pond life
  10. Muybridge Motion Study, 1870s
  11. Cell
  12. Plant cell
  13. Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human H9 T cell
  14. Confused Flour Beetle Adult, SEM
  15. Embryo development 24-36 hours after fertilization
  16. Cell
  17. Microscopic view of a leukemia cell
  18. Paramecium protozoa, light micrograph
  19. Common Dolphins
  20. Dog Flea Head, SEM
  21. Platelet activation, artwork
  22. Liver proteins
  23. Escher's Blue Butterfly
  24. Common House Mosquito, SEM
  25. Conceptual image of platelet, red blood cell and white blood cell
  26. Cell
  27. Metabolic enzyme, artwork
  28. Cell
  29. Cell
  30. Cells
  31. Scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic HeLa cell
  32. Chrysanthemum flower bud light micrograph
  33. Thyroid cancer cells
  34. Conceptual image of DNA
  35. Cell structure
  36. Cell
  37. Conceptual image of DNA
  38. Spirogyra algae, light micrograph
  39. Fluid aspirate from staph infection
  40. Section through a pine needle, LM
  41. Conceptual image of DNA
  42. Thornback Ray, X-Ray
  43. Scanning electron micrograph of just-divided HeLa cells
  44. Conceptual image of human tooth
  45. Axon anatomy, diagram
  46. Microscopic view of blood clotting inside the artery
  47. Conceptual image of chromosome
  48. Antibiotic destroying a bacterium