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  1. American troops approaching Omaha Beach in World War II
  2. Scotland Forever. The Royal Scots Greys Charge At Waterloo. 1934
  3. Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima, February 23, 1945
  4. Rosie The Riveter vintage war poster from World War II
  5. Map of the World 1670
  6. The Cave of Lascaux. Horses. Magdalenian. France
  7. Map, WWII Battles, c1945
  8. Pharoahs of Egypt
  9. Map of Alexander the Great's Empire
  10. Map of 1536
  11. 17th century world map
  12. Vintage World War One poster of a US Marine holding his sidearm
  13. Us Landing And Targeting Map Of Iwo Jima
  14. 1910's UK Titanic Poster
  15. Sinking Of The Titanic By Willy Stoewer
  16. Vintage World War II poster featuring a male lion
  17. Table comparing ancient scripts
  18. Tribute To Vikings
  19. Vintage World War II poster of a member of The Women's Army Corps
  20. French Counter-Attack at Village of Vaux near Verdun, 1916
  21. African Warriors
  22. The Sinking of HMS Dasher
  23. Aztec Sun Stone, artwork
  24. Book of the Dead. ca. 1275 BC. 19th Dynasty
  25. Queen Nefertari offering, Egyptian art
  26. World War I, Map, 1918
  27. Knights Templar are on a mission to collect relics for their nation
  28. Magna Carta
  29. Winston Churchill
  30. Vintage World War II poster of a fighter pilot climbing into his airplane
  31. Citadelle Laferriere, Haiti
  32. The Slaughter on the Somme, WWI
  33. 17th century map of Europe
  34. Dogfight 1917, 1995
  35. Portrait of Hannibal and his troops crossing the Alps
  36. 1918
  37. Mexico Pyramid
  38. Hannibal and Scipio
  39. Vintage World War II poster of an arm emerging from a farm holding scrap metal
  40. American Flag On The Moon
  41. 16th century map of the British Isles
  42. Ortelius's map of Ottoman Empire, 1570
  43. Knight's armor
  44. Vintage World War II poster of a pilot getting into his plane
  45. Australia, Northern Territory, Arnhem Land, Mt Borradaile, rock paintings
  46. Map of the World 1511
  47. Mandala of Vaishravana
  48. Vintage World War II poster of vegetables and a garden