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  1. Male Wood Duck (Aix Sponsa) In Water, Colorado, United States Of America
  2. Woodland Duck Floral Portrait
  3. Dancing Duckling
  4. Duck And Pepper, 1998
  5. Steamer Ducks Walking, Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands
  6. Harlequin Duck
  7. Paradise Shelduck (Tadorna variegata) chick flapping wings, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. French Duck Motif II
  9. Close-Up Of Four Wood Ducks In A Pond At Sunset, Portland, Oregon
  10. Horned Grebe
  11. Baby Duck
  12. Two Mallard ducklings, Anas platyrhynchos
  13. Horned Grebe
  14. Pl 312 Long-Tailed Duck
  15. A Juvenile Little Grebe At Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue
  16. Black Or Surf Duck
  17. Untitled
  18. Untitled
  19. USA, New Mexico, Socorro, American Wigeon In Small Pond
  20. Washington State, Shoveler, male, in flight
  21. Velvet Duck
  22. Duck, 1996
  23. Mandarin Duck (Aix Galericulata)
  24. Wood Duck (Aix Sponsa) Illustration
  25. Brunnich's Guillemots, Svalbard, Norway
  26. Untitled
  27. Fulvous Tree Duck (Dendrocygna Bicolor) Illustration
  28. A Baer's pochard, Aythya baeri, at the Plzen Zoo
  29. Common Merganser (Mergus Merganser) Illustration
  30. Quack Quack II
  31. Toile Duckling
  32. British Columbia, Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) adult on nest
  33. A Baer's pochard, Aythya baeri, at the Plzen Zoo
  34. A Baer's pochard, Aythya baeri, at the Plzen Zoo
  35. Green-Winged Teal (Anas Crecca) Illustration
  36. Baldpate (Anas Americana) Illustration
  37. Common Goldeneye (Bucephala Clangula) Illustration
  38. Ring-Necked Duck (Aythya Collaris) Illustration