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  1. Caribbean, St.Thomas, Sapphire Beach. Lesser Bahama Pintail duck on beach
  2. Friends
  3. Dusky Duck
  4. Flying Duck, 2013
  5. On the nest
  6. Western Duck
  7. Tania Soderman Books III
  8. Two ringed teal, Callonetta leucophrys, at Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park
  9. Flock of ducklings marching on road.
  10. Crested Grebe
  11. Red-Crested Pochard Duck In Pond With Autumn Colors, New York
  12. Mallard (Anas Platyrhynchos) Illustration
  13. Ugly Duckling
  14. Woodland Mallard Floral Portrait
  15. Pied Working Duck
  16. Black Scoters
  17. Wood Duck, Aix sponsa, Santee Lakes, Southern California
  18. Floradanica With Ducklings
  19. Music Maniac
  20. Duck Malone
  21. Carolina Teal Duck, By Henri de La Blanchere, 19th Century color engraving
  22. Muscovy Duckling On Meadow In Spring, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany
  23. Wild Mandarin Duck (Aix Galericulata)
  24. Wood Duck
  25. Quack Quack I
  26. Male Wood Duck Swimming With Fall Foliage, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  27. Peanut
  28. Pl 343 Ruddy Duck
  29. Eider Duck
  30. Ring-Necked Duck
  31. Mr. Mallard
  32. Mrs. Mallard
  33. Male Falcated Duck or Falcated Teal, Anas falcata
  34. Pl 338 Bemaculated Duck
  35. Loon Reflection
  36. Black Duck (Anas Rubripes) Illustration
  37. Very Small Duck
  38. Ducks, Swans and Geese
  39. Resting On The Slope
  40. Black Or Surf Duck
  41. A Juvenile Little Grebe At Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue
  42. Checkers And Slats
  43. Western Duck
  44. Pied Working Duck
  45. Velvet Duck
  46. Country Lilacs
  47. Pl 312 Long-Tailed Duck
  48. Red Crested Pochard, By Henri de La Blanchere, 19th Century color engraving