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  1. First Atom Bomb Test Site
  2. A Large Mining Facility Part Of The Homestake Works
  3. A woman working on an airplane motor at the North American Aviation plant, CA, 1942
  4. Construction Of The Woolworth Building, New York
  5. Holland, Windmill
  6. Young women working as a U.S. Census taker in 1920. Washington, D.C.
  7. Building Of The Triborough Bridge
  8. Television chassis on an assembly line with women workers in a US factory, July 1949
  9. Men and Women working on an assembly line
  10. Interior Of A Regrinding Plant
  11. Switchtender on the Pennsylvania Railroad
  12. Liberty Ship, 1943, under construction
  13. Chamber Cranes In Pedro Miguel Locks
  14. Vehicle Chassis Outside Factory
  15. Older women doing hand ironing in a laundry, c. 1925-35
  16. Showroom Displaying Nash Cars, New York
  17. Woman standing at long row of bobbins, at a textile factory, Millville, NJ, 1936
  18. Early television with a viewing mirror that reflects the image of a picture tube
  19. Photograph Of Leather Workers Preparing Skins At Bevingtons And Sons
  20. Back view of young women telephone switchboard operations. Washington
  21. Model A Bodies Awaiting Assembly
  22. Pair Of Contact Lenses
  23. A worker at a tube cutting machine in a factory in Louisville, Kentucky, 1945
  24. Buttresses Under Foundation Of The Washington Monument
  25. Shoe Factory Workers
  26. Construction Of The Library Of Congress Photos May 4, 1892
  27. Men and women working on tanks at the Ford Motor Company plant in Richmond, California
  28. California Dreaming, of Oil
  29. Steam Powered Hydraulic Dredge
  30. Construction Of Government Offices
  31. Utah: Steel Mill, 1942
  32. American Auto Plant, C1910, Assembly Line
  33. Buttresses Under Foundation Of The Washington Monument
  34. Oil Field In Trinidad
  35. Liberty Ship, 1943, under construction
  36. Eiffel Tower Being Constructed Halfway
  37. U. S. Capitol Under Construction
  38. World War I: Women Workers
  39. Morris Motors Automobiles In Production
  40. Bolts In Steel Plate
  41. 50 Kilowatt Broadcasting Modulator
  42. Factory Damaged In The Johnstown Flood
  43. Nash Auto Dealership with Boarded-up Window
  44. Railroad cars lined up to receive cargoes gasoline from a refinery
  45. World War II: Factory, 1942, woman working on a motor for a B-25 bomber
  46. Tractor Belt Factory, 1941
  47. Conductor uses an on board telephone to communicate with other parts of the train
  48. Interior Of Main Hangar At Fokker Aircraft Corporation