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  1. Lunch atop a skyscraper
  2. New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam
  3. Construction Workers Resting on Steel Beam Above Manhattan
  4. Construction Workers Resting on Steel Beam Above Manhattan
  5. Corner Store
  6. Crankshaft Grinding Department At Ford Motor Company
  7. Steelworkers on girders of the Empire State Building, New York City, 1931
  8. Icarus, Empire State Building
  9. Steel workers on girders at the Empire State Building in New York City, 1930
  10. ENIAC computer was the first general-purpose electronic digital computer
  11. Women Marines lower a reconditioned engine back in place in a Marine Corps bus
  12. Model T Chassis In Highland Park Ford Plant
  13. World War II: Women Welders
  14. The assembly line at the Ford automobile plant in Highland Park, Michigan, 1913
  15. Construction Of Panama Canal Locks
  16. Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction
  17. Ford Auto Factory
  18. Suspension bridge during construction over the irrigation canal near Giza, 1916
  19. Blast Furnance At The Bethlehem Steel Works In Pennsylvania
  20. Oilfield At Spindletop
  21. Men Working One Mile Back In Mine
  22. Assembly Of B-24 Bombers At Willow Run Plant
  23. Telephone operators working on an international switchboard in the 1930s
  24. Testing The Life Of Light Bulbs
  25. Empire State Building, 1930, Steel workers on girders at Empire State Building
  26. Hine: Steelworker, 1931, atop the Empire State Building
  27. Gold miners in front of a mine shaft
  28. Production Line Of B-24 Liberators
  29. Oil Derricks In California
  30. Worker On Panama Canal Lock
  31. Steelworker atop the Empire State Building, New York City, during its construction, 1931
  32. Oil Well Field
  33. World Trade Center Under Construction
  34. Coal Miners Using Automatic Conveyor
  35. Women installing an aircraft engine at the Douglas Aircraft plant, Long Beach, CA, 1942
  36. Michigan, Lumbering
  37. Highway In Burk-Waggoner Oil Pool
  38. Manhattan Bridge Under Construction, 1909
  39. Signal Hill Oil Derricks
  40. Oil Rigs Near Taft, California
  41. Douglas Aircraft Factory, Two women at work
  42. NYC Factory, C.1900
  43. Horses Hauling Huge Load Of Logs
  44. RMS Queen Elizabeth at John Brown docks, August 1938
  45. Electricity Generated In Laboratory
  46. Steamfitter
  47. Aircraft Factory, 1942
  48. Drilling For Oil Along The Coast Of Summerland, California