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  1. Flower Garden Varietals II
  2. Usines Delin
  3. British Butterflies III
  4. Holwein Blue Woman Jewelry
  5. Judges XVI, 28 To 30, Death Of Samson
  6. Napoleon Bonaparte crossing Alps through Saint Bernard Pass
  7. Antique Aloe II
  8. Airline Poster, 1933
  9. Dodgson: Alice, 1865, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  10. Lawn Tennis, 1881
  11. Prohibition, 1910's
  12. Winter in Nice', poster advertising P.L.M trains
  13. The Tallest Building in the World New York City
  14. Wells Fargo Express, 1915
  15. Church Of St. Maria, Cologne, Germany
  16. World War II: Waac Poster, 1942
  17. Poster advertising the Cirque d'Ete in the Champs Elysees, late 19th century
  18. Woman working on a B-17 bomber at the Douglas Aircraft plant, 1942
  19. Oil drilling rig
  20. Gould Bird of Paradise III
  21. Wertheim, Sewing Machine, Vintage Poster
  22. Joan of Arc Re-Captures City of Beaugency From the British
  23. Cadbury's Chocolate Biscuits
  24. Victorian or Edwardian Beach Scene
  25. Vintage Fruit Square III
  26. Humming About II
  27. Bowling Lane Pin Up Girl
  28. Pignoux Bourges - Vintage Beer Advertisement
  29. 1950's USA Chevrolet Magazine Advert (detail)
  30. Vintage photograph of The Alcazar, St. Augustine, Florida
  31. Italia, Activities to Enjoy, Vintage Poster
  32. Cuvier's Kinglet
  33. Chambray Chintz II
  34. Botanical Postcard 1
  35. Mission San Antonio California Vintage Photograph
  36. Silent Film: Automobiles
  37. 'Lippincott's Monthly Magazine,' May 1895
  38. Violet Romance III
  39. BOAC, British Airline, Vintage Poster
  40. American Redstart
  41. French Oceanline Transatlantique
  42. Construction Of The Woolworth Building, New York
  43. Chambray Chintz I
  44. Poster advertising Trams to Paris-Plage, 1899
  45. Girl Reading On Bench
  46. A Hotel Room
  47. Oceanographie
  48. A view of the Williamsburg bridge from Brooklyn, New York, 1903