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  1. Jumbo Orange and Grapefruit
  2. A boy attempts to shave for the first time
  3. Cunard USA and Canada Poster By C.H.M
  4. Curb Stock Brokers, C.1916
  5. Times Square, C.1924
  6. Lwow Poster By Stefan Norblin
  7. B-29 Flying Over Japan's Countryside
  8. F6F Hellcats returning returning to a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, 1943
  9. Judy Garland (1922-1969), actress and singer
  10. World War II: Shipyard, USS Missouri
  11. Life Cover, 1926
  12. Audubon: Blackbird
  13. Arosa
  14. Gardener's Guide II
  15. Alexander the Great contemplates the Talking Tree during the end of his travels
  16. Dulac: The Ice Maiden, 1915
  17. Gruber Biere - Vintage Beer Advertisement
  18. Vintage photograph of Columbia River Cascades and Steamboat
  19. Portrait of Booker T. Washington sitting in a chair
  20. Castle in Germany
  21. Inferno By Dante Alighieri, Canto VIII, Lines 39 To 41
  22. Royal, Baking Powder
  23. Alice in the Looking Glass House, from 'Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll
  24. Andersen: Match Girl, 1932
  25. Errol Flynn (1909-1959)
  26. Leach's Storm Petrel
  27. Snow Bunting
  28. Home on the Range
  29. Ellis Island: Immigrants
  30. Police Wagon, c1900
  31. Canada Warbler
  32. Wake Up America, Poster
  33. The Colosseum
  34. Frigorifero Polar Bear
  35. La Milanaise Poster By John Onwy
  36. The Brooklyn Bridge under construction over the East River in New York City, 1880
  37. Vintage Fruit Square III
  38. Clown, Horse, Acrobat and Arm and Hammer Brand Soda
  39. Held: Year Round Girl, 1925
  40. Sky Ride
  41. Jack Dempsey (1895-1983), American boxer
  42. A white-tailed deer fawn
  43. Vintage World War II poster of a large artillery cannon
  44. Lager Bier - Vintage Beer Advertisement
  45. Munich Music Festival, 1937, Vintage Poster, by Ludwig Hohlwein
  46. Navajo Horsemen in Canyon de Chelly Arizona Vintage Photograph
  47. Theatre Magazine, December 1921
  48. I Want You For The Navy Poster By Howard Chandler Christy