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  1. Gold Prospectors Crossing Chilkoot Pass
  2. Illustration Of Peter Pan And Wendy Flying Over Town
  3. Soviet Poster Celebrating Atom
  4. Cover Of Peter Pan And Wendy By J.M. Barrie
  5. A Mad Teaparty By Charles Folkard
  6. Flying Scotsman Steam Locomotive
  7. Nikola Tesla With Machine
  8. German Military Convoy In Occupied Russia
  9. Soviet Propaganda Poster
  10. Imperial Airways To Australia Poster
  11. Departure Of Irish Emigrants For The United States
  12. Imperial Airways Use Shell Petrol Exclusively Poster
  13. Nikola Tesla With An Early Tesla Coil
  14. Shell Spirit And Motor Oils Poster By Rene Vincent
  15. The Goose Girl
  16. Caricature Of Conductor Serge Koussevitzky
  17. Advertisement For Fry's Cocoa
  18. Postcard Of Cornish Riviera Express Of The Great Western Railway
  19. Snow White And Rose Red
  20. Illustration From The Enemy By Wyndham Lewis
  21. Cindarella With Pumpkin And Mice
  22. Victorian Moral Illustration Of A British Workman
  23. Little Red Riding Hood Book Cover
  24. Print Of Mausoleum At Halicarnassus
  25. The Post Of The Desert
  26. Neanderthal Or Neandertal Man - Reconstructed Skull
  27. Souvenir Postcard For La Fin Du Monde
  28. Look On This Picture And On That
  29. A View Of Henry Grace A Dieu
  30. A German Half-Track Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun
  31. Captain Macheath By H. Liverseege
  32. Print Of The Rites Of Isis Performed In Pompeii
  33. Little Red Riding Hood In The Forest
  34. Frantisek Palacky
  35. Illustration Of Little Tom Tucker Nursery Rhyme
  36. Portrait Of Arminius Vambery
  37. Hunterian Museum At The Royal College Of Surgeons
  38. Painting Of Charles Francois Gounod