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  1. Bird of Paradise Triptych I
  2. Close-Up Of Beautiful Bright Pink Hibiscus With Blue And Green Background
  3. Tropical Floral I
  4. Watercolor Tropical Flowers IV
  5. Hawaii, Maui, Pink Plumerias
  6. Palm Pieces II
  7. Hawaii, Maui, Close-Up Of Dark Pink Plumeria Flowers
  8. Neutral Palm Fossil II
  9. Lime Orchid II
  10. Botanical of the Tropics VI
  11. Emerald Jungle II
  12. Palm Leaves I
  13. Emerald Jungle IV
  14. Botanical of the Tropics II
  15. Hawaii, Big Island, Kona, welcome flower at Keauhou Beach resort
  16. Birds of Paradise II
  17. Close-Up Detail Of A Vibrant Colored Lei Made With Tropical Flowers
  18. Getaway II
  19. Sunset Serenades
  20. Sun Palm II
  21. Tropical Grace Square II
  22. Emerald Jungle I
  23. Tropical Leaf Medley I
  24. Hawaii, Maui, Bird Of Paradise Blossoms
  25. Hawaii, Maui, Extreme Close-Up Purple Pink Plumeria Blossom
  26. South Sea Lights
  27. Palm Leaves II
  28. Barbados, Lesser Antilles, Windward Islands, Caribbean, West Indies, Plumeria
  29. Psychedelic Palms II
  30. Orange Crush
  31. Bird of Paradise I
  32. Close-Up Of A Pair Of Pink Hibiscus
  33. Birds Paradise I
  34. Floating Blooms
  35. Batik Leaves III
  36. Banana Duo I
  37. Tropical Salve III
  38. Palm Pattern II
  39. Peachy Palms I
  40. Hawaii, Maui, Pink Plumerias
  41. Hibiscus
  42. Local Colour
  43. Oriental Plumeria Square II
  44. Vivant 1
  45. Watercolor Tropical Flowers II
  46. Bleeding Heart
  47. Tropical III
  48. Lovina Ricefields with Lilies and Frangipani, Bali, 1996