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  1. Tropical Bird of Paradise
  2. Flowers
  3. Bird of Paradise flower, Captiva Island, Florida
  4. Bird of Paradise I
  5. Blessed Day Bird Of Paradise
  6. Plumeria Lei Floating On Ocean Surface
  7. Birds Of A Feather
  8. Bird of Paradise II
  9. Tropical Lush Garden Square I
  10. Tropical Tones II
  11. Vivid Birds of Paradise II
  12. Paradis Chinoiserie II
  13. Twilight Palms II
  14. Panama Palms II
  15. Yellow Cannae with Waves
  16. Panama Palms I
  17. Splash of the Tropics II
  18. Tropical Orchid
  19. Flower
  20. Caribbean Jungle, 1993
  21. Vivid Birds of Paradise I
  22. Twilight Palms III
  23. Hawaii, Oahu, Lanikai Beach, Two Plumerias Resting On The Sand
  24. Tropical Salve I
  25. Summer Gaze I
  26. Hawaii, Oahu, North Shore, Plumeria Lei Floating In Crystal Clear Ocean
  27. Paradise Sweep II
  28. Tropical Salve II
  29. Emerald Jungle III
  30. Paradise Cove
  31. Colorful Plumeria (Frangipani) Blossoms. Maui, Hawaii
  32. Convent Gardens, Antigua, 1993
  33. Splash of the Tropics I
  34. Tropical Lush Garden Square II
  35. Palm Pieces I
  36. Bouganvillea on Oia, Santorini, Greece
  37. Close-Up Detail Of Pink And Orange Plumeria (Frangipani) Flower
  38. Dramatic Bird of Paradise
  39. Passion bay
  40. Sunset Palm Composition II
  41. Plumeria
  42. Vibrant Palm Leaves I
  43. Bird of Paradise I
  44. Hawaii, Maui, Close-Up Of Dark Pink Plumeria Flowers
  45. Exotic Garden
  46. Close-Up Of Beautiful Bright Pink Hibiscus With Blue And Green Background
  47. South Sea Lights
  48. Pink plumerias covered in dew drops