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  1. A thorny seahorse on the seafloor of Lembeh Strait
  2. Close up of Peacock feather
  3. Close up of a female mallard's feathers
  4. Close up of Peacock Feather
  5. Bathing Frog
  6. Horse in winter, close-up of ear and mane.
  7. Water Repelled on Feather
  8. Sweet Nectar
  9. Blue Feathers
  10. Jaguar Fur
  11. Paper Kite butterfly
  12. Morning Dew On A Dragonfly Wing
  13. Swallowtail butterfly wing scales, China
  14. Micronesia, Bicolor Parrotfish Dorsal Fin And Scales, Detail (Cetoscarus Bicolor)
  15. Sea Jewels I
  16. Dream In Blue
  17. An endangered juvenile Yosemite toad
  18. Shell Extraction I
  19. African elephant eye, Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa, Africa
  20. Close up of leopards fur
  21. Close Up Of An Elephant's Face
  22. Close-up of elephant skin
  23. Limenitis a. astyanax butterfly wing details
  24. Tiger
  25. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio glaucus
  26. Hiding in a Sea of Green
  27. Looking Up
  28. A close up of a domestic cats nose and whiskers.
  29. Cow nose
  30. Madagascan Sunset Moth wing detail, Madagascar
  31. Bumble bee on aster, New Hampshire, Bombus sp
  32. Monster
  33. Autumn Fairy Tale
  34. Candle III
  35. The Procilla Beauty Butterfly, Panacea procilla
  36. I See You
  37. Detail of Pheasant Feathers
  38. Close up of Macaw feathers
  39. Braking
  40. Close up of King Penguin
  41. David and Goliath
  42. Close-up of a Greveys zebra stripes and mane
  43. An Asian flower beetle, Agestrata orichalca
  44. Ego Cogito, Ergo Sum
  45. Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) close up of feathers, San Diego Zoo, California
  46. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio glaucus
  47. Forest Queen Butterfly, From Africa On Feathered Back Of Tan Ring-Necked Pheasant
  48. Spanish Moon Moth wing detail, Switzerland