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  1. Blue Butterfly on Birch
  2. Monarch on Birch
  3. A tawny frogmouth owl, Podargus strigoides, at the Fort Worth Zoo
  4. Show Time
  5. Butterfly On Orange Flower In Garden
  6. Ladybird On Hydrangea
  7. Black Cat Face
  8. Featherlight
  9. Summer Beauties
  10. Ruby Throated
  11. Exotic Butterfly on Birch
  12. Grevy's Zebra (Equus grevyi) close up of eye, endangered, native to Africa
  13. Bright Color Detail of Feather
  14. The white horses of the Camargue in the South of France
  15. Best Friends
  16. Peacock feather close up.
  17. Morning Dew On A Dragonfly Wing
  18. Loon Feathers
  19. Blue Crow Butterfly, Euphoea mulciber subvisaya
  20. Grevey's Zebra Stripes
  21. The hypnotist of the night
  22. Waves Wash Over A Blue Mussel Shell On The Beach, Cannon Beach, Oregon
  23. African Cape Buffalo - black and white photograph
  24. Blue
  25. Blue Crow Butterfly, Euphoea mulciber subvisaya
  26. Peacock Feather
  27. Male broad-billed hummingbird shares a bloom with a female black-chinned hummingbird
  28. Snail and Mantis
  29. Green Moth on Ferns
  30. Common Lime (Papilio demoleus) butterfly wing detail showing false eyespot, Asia
  31. Green Moth on Birch
  32. Close-up of hand holding reins of horse
  33. Hard Winter
  34. Close up of iridescent peacock feathers at zoo.
  35. Russian Blue cat
  36. Owl Eye
  37. The white horses of the Camargue in the South of France
  38. Close up of peacock feather at zoo.
  39. Good Bye
  40. Icelandic Black Stallion, Iceland
  41. Pink Highlighted Butterfly on Peeling Birch
  42. Humourist
  43. Tree Frog In Costa Rica
  44. Oldworld Swallowtail caterpillar, Switzerland
  45. Close-up of a Black Cat
  46. Tail Feather Design And Pattern Of Many Varities Of Lovebirds
  47. Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding on flower, Louisville, Kentucky
  48. Empress Brilliant hummingbird feeding on flower nectar