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  1. Male Lions Lapping At Scarce Water
  2. African Elephant In Kruger National Park
  3. Newly Emerged Milbert's Tortoise Shell Butterfly
  4. Alpenglow In Katmai National Park
  5. Pollen-Covered Bee On Sneezeweed
  6. Young Fox Kit Near Its Den
  7. Incoming Tide At Sunset Near Carmel, California
  8. Canada Geese In A Snowstorm In Ontario, Canada
  9. Mountain Lion On Desert Dunes
  10. Polar Bear On Foggy Sea Ice Setting
  11. Boat-Tailed Grackles Vie For Territory In Amazing Display
  12. Polar Bear Getting A Leg Up!
  13. Amur Tiger On The Run
  14. Mountain Lion On Dead Tree Perch In Snowstorm
  15. Polar Bear Cooling Off After Wrestling Match
  16. Baby Brown Bear Leans On Mother
  17. Like Father, Like Son
  18. Bobcat Emerging From Sandstone Cleft
  19. Mountain Lion Cub Reflected In Mountain Stream
  20. Polar Bear Down For The Count
  21. Portrait Of An Inquisitive Bobcat In Snowfall
  22. Window Frost Starting To Melt
  23. Bobcat Siblings Racing Through Fresh Snow
  24. Bumblebee Pollinator
  25. Captive Barbary Lion In Monument Valley
  26. Polar Bear Savouring A Fireweed Petal
  27. Osprey Returning To Its Mate On Their Nest In The Everglades, Florida
  28. Tidal Waves At Caramel, California Sunset
  29. Crocodile In Gatorland, Orlando, Florida
  30. Laughing Gull Silhouette At Sunrise
  31. Baby Elephant Leans On Mother
  32. African Leopard Pose On The Road
  33. Polar Bear Cub Relaxing On Mother As Pillow
  34. Dramatic Crystal Formation Grown On Glass
  35. Mesa Arch Glow At Sunrise
  36. Polar Bear On Intense Alert
  37. Bobcat Bedded Down In Fresh Snow
  38. Polar Bear Playing On Sub-Arctic Hudson Bay Ice And Snow, Churchill, MB, Canada
  39. Polar Bear Heading Up For Air, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  40. Polar Bear In Fog And Fall Grasses
  41. Butterflies, Bees And Bugs
  42. Polar Bear Resting After The Blizzard
  43. Curious Polar Bear Mother And Cub
  44. Polar Bear Sunset Nap
  45. Proud Peacock, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  46. Elephant Trunk Sandstone Formation
  47. Dramatic Landscape View From Steptoe Butte, Palouse, Washington, USA
  48. Polar Bears In A Wrestling Match