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  1. Great Horned Owl On The Hunt
  2. Abstract Pattern Of Trees In Fall
  3. Digital Photo Art Of Polished Shoreline Rocks
  4. Teardrop Arch Frames A Mountain Lion
  5. Mountain Lion On Mountain Cliff
  6. Mountain Lion On Snowy Mountain Cliff
  7. Mountain Lion On Dead Tree Perch
  8. American Bison
  9. Blue Jay Elegance On Display
  10. Arctic Fox Curiosity
  11. Sleepy Red Fox Kit Looking Comfortable
  12. Great Gray Owl Hunting From A Post
  13. Mountain Lion Cub And Mountain Stream
  14. Red Fox And Cross Fox Phase At Rest
  15. Gray Wolf Staring Cautiously
  16. Lynx Stalking Amid Lichen-Covered Rocks
  17. Polar Bear Mother And Cub Peer Over A Snow Bank
  18. Mountain Lion Cub In Fresh Snow
  19. Male Eastern Bluebird In The Rain
  20. Gray Wolf In A Snowstorm
  21. Bonito Pueblo Doorways
  22. A Black-Billed Magpie Chased By Its Shadow
  23. American White Pelicans Preening In Morning Fog
  24. Mountain Lion On Sandstone Cliff
  25. African Elephant Parade
  26. Arctic Fox At Sunset
  27. Barbary Lion In Regal Pose
  28. Polar Bear On Foggy Sea Ice
  29. Barbary Lion In Restful Pose
  30. Pristine White Polar Bear In Fireweed Landscape
  31. Red Fox On The Hunt
  32. Silhouette Of Gray Wolf Howling At The Moon
  33. Rusty Blackbird On Trembling Aspen In Fog And Hoarfrost
  34. Mountain Lion On Mountain Cliff
  35. Red Fox Seeking Privacy
  36. Abstract Artificial Crystals On Glass
  37. Polar Bear Waving In A Bed Of Fireweed
  38. Great Gray Owl Hunting In Blowing Snow
  39. Two Polar Bears In A Field Of Pink Fireweed
  40. Barbary Lion King Of The Desert
  41. Gray Wolf In A Snowstorm
  42. Polar Bear Playing Peekaboo
  43. Mountain Lion Cub In Monument Valley
  44. Baby Moose Watching Mother
  45. Mountain Lion Siblings Play Tag
  46. Glowing Polar Bear Portrait At Sunset
  47. Captive Barbary Lion In Monument Valley
  48. Sleepy Polar Bear Ready To Pounce