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  1. Blood samples
  2. Breast cancer cell, SEM
  3. Veterinarians examining the Greyhound in the office
  4. Caduceus Symbol
  5. Medical instruments for eye surgery
  6. Paracelsus and the Basel tribunal
  7. Antique milk of magnesia bottle
  8. Antihistamine drug crystals, SEM
  9. Petri dish bacterial cultures, picking a colony
  10. Gallstone
  11. Medieval physician and pharmacist
  12. The Patient and the Doctor, 1660s
  13. Heart disease, artwork
  14. Medical testing
  15. Pills being poured into a bottle after counting
  16. Syringes
  17. Art of pulmonary tuberculosis with lung cavities
  18. Knee replacement, artwork
  19. Detached blood clot, artwork
  20. Orthopedic Chisels And Mallet
  21. St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, London
  22. Bacterial Growth On Culture Media
  23. Pills and capsules
  24. Cryptosporidiosis, TEM
  25. Surgical instruments for use on bone
  26. Stethoscope
  27. Cloning research
  28. Blood samples
  29. Pharmacist using mortar and pestle
  30. Pharmacist taking patient s blood pressure
  31. Acupuncture model
  32. Gallstone crystals, SEM
  33. Test Tube Experiment
  34. Palmistry Brown
  35. Conceptual image of flagellate bacterium
  36. The four humours, diagram
  37. Skin cancer cell, SEM
  38. Vintage Parchment Otoscope Patent Print
  39. Medical and laboratory shots
  40. Stack of petri dishes with bacterial cultures
  41. Pulse oximeter
  42. doctors equipment
  43. Woman holding ultrasonograph photo of baby
  44. Fingerprint analysis
  45. Antique castor oil bottle
  46. The nerve and blood supply of the head and neck
  47. Syringe
  48. Syringes