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  1. The Urine Doctor
  2. Medieval urine wheel
  3. Black and white illustration of Snellen chart
  4. Blood analysis
  5. Illustration showing diverticulitis of the colon
  6. Stethoscope
  7. Bottles of aromatherapy oil and herbal ingredients
  8. Early radiography experiment
  9. Portrait of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) and her sister, Frances Partenope
  10. Vintage World War II poster of two sailors on the beach, one muscular, one skinny
  11. Acupuncture points
  12. Faded Blueprint Stethoscope Patent Poster
  13. Blood centrifuge
  14. Microbiology research
  15. Historical medicinal products
  16. Cross section of human blood vessel showing atherosclerosis
  17. Vintage World War II poster of a soldier coughing on another soldier's food
  18. Dioscorides, Ancient Greek physician
  19. Medical chart showing the range of injuries to the human neck caused by whiplash
  20. Fight Cancer - WPA Poster
  21. Blood spectra, 19th century artwork
  22. Portrait of doctor and two children with plus sign
  23. Vintage Advertisement For Renne's Pain Killing Magic Oil, With Decorative Border
  24. Herbal pharmacy
  25. Doctor listening heart beats
  26. Historical medicinal products
  27. Avian flu virus, TEM
  28. Blood pressure gauge
  29. Forensic evidence
  30. Antibiotic research
  31. Forensic bone analysis
  32. Nerve cell, artwork
  33. Placing of electrodes for ECG, artwork
  34. The Military Hospital of the French and Russians at Marienburg in June 1807
  35. Stethoscope
  36. Microbiology research
  37. The Pharmacist
  38. Chest x-ray
  39. Physician and Patient
  40. Studio shot of hand holding stethoscope
  41. Surgeon
  42. The New Photography Or X Ray Photography From The Modern Cyclopedia Vol VI 1903
  43. Pinned broken leg, X-ray
  44. Cat screens on screens
  45. Lie detector test
  46. Caduceus icon
  47. Doctors examining MRI scans
  48. Artwork: penetration of skin by various lasers