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  1. Whittington and Tyler
  2. The Wonderful Story of Britain: The Saxon Warriors and Norman Invaders
  3. Baronagium Genealogicum
  4. WWI, Italian Advance
  5. Paris Occupation, 1815
  6. Napoleonic Wars, Cavalry of the Army of Italy, By Louis Bombled
  7. Crimean War
  8. Franco-German War, Battle of Vance, Col, Gourgaud's Arabs Repel Germans Jan, 1871
  9. English soldiers in charge of guarding the Emperor Napoleon in Saint Helena
  10. Gaoler (Prison Guard) in Paris, 1490, 19th Century Color Engraving
  11. Parisian Boatman of Early Times, 19th Century Color Engraving
  12. Gallic Family in Antiquity, 19th Century Color Engraving
  13. Get behind our soldiers, sailors, and our allies, 1917
  14. Governor Bligh of New South Wales arresting John Macarthur
  15. Courtiers
  16. Food - Don't Waste It, 1917
  17. Alexander I (1777-1825) and Napoleon (1769-1821)
  18. Franco-German War, Departure of soldiers from Paris to Chateaudun, Oct, 1870
  19. Lazy King in Gallic France, He rides in an Adorned 'Peasant Cart,'
  20. Soldier
  21. The Women Invade The Assembly, 5th October 1789
  22. Fire in a Town
  23. Franco-German War, Adj, Bastien saved a Cannon during the retreat from Besancon
  24. View Of Malaga By Bodenehr, 1740
  25. The Story of South America: Gold and the Devil
  26. Life On The Docks Of The Quays Of Waterford, Ireland, In The 1890s
  27. Female warrior
  28. Full armour. Made in Milan between 1570-1580
  29. Garibaldi Fighting the Prussians in 1870, Color Engraving
  30. Fashionably Dressed Bourgeoise Woman and her Servant, 19th Century Color Engraving
  31. Photo of the P5 1 member nations and Iranian officials
  32. The Story of France: Reign of a Greedy Tyrant