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  1. Maori Chief
  2. World War I, Poster, Our Duty Is Not To Waste Bread, 1916
  3. Charlemagne
  4. Salvation Army Poster, 1919
  5. U.S. Army Soldiers Driving Tractor
  6. The Real Irish Spirit, 1915
  7. World War I, Middle East
  8. World War I, Map
  9. The Mummy Of Ramesses II, Reigned 1279 BC To 1213 BC, 1888
  10. Tewodros Surrounded By Lions. From El Mundo En La Mano Published 1875
  11. Execution Of Mary Queen Of Scots, 8 February, 1587
  12. British World War I recruiting poster, 1916
  13. Save Wheat, Meat, Fats, and Sugar, 1917
  14. Assault on Pisa
  15. French Women's hairstyles in the 15th and 16th Centuries, 19th Century Color Engraving
  16. First British Museum Mummy and coffin
  17. Map Showing The Gradual Advance Of The Barbarian Nations
  18. Johann Gutenberg, German inventor
  19. Aztec Tribute List, C.1540
  20. Advertisement For E.S. Baker Young America Hams Breakfast Bacon, c1865
  21. The Blood-Written Petition, 1904
  22. Vintage World War II poster featuring bombs falling
  23. Coronation Of Harold King Of The Anglo-Saxons, A.D. 1066
  24. Vintage World War II poster featuring a red, white, and blue shiel
  25. World War I, Map, c1919
  26. Plaque of Darius I
  27. Vintage World War I propaganda poster
  28. War Is Prussia's National Industry, 1917
  29. Marie-Antoinette Before The Revolutionary Tribunal, October 14 1793
  30. Military Leader
  31. Rhodes
  32. For The Glory Of Ireland, 1915
  33. Coronation Of Charlemagne
  34. The Trial Of King Charles I Of England
  35. Terracotta Army
  36. World War II poster featuring Uncle Sam holding a dead soldier in his hands
  37. Your King and Country Need You, 1914
  38. Byzantium
  39. Treaty Of Madrid, 14 January 1526, Between Carlos V And Francisco I Of France
  40. World War I propaganda poster for the United War Work Campaign
  41. Gallic Warrior in Antiquity, French 19th Century Color Engraving
  42. Rally Round The Flag, 1915
  43. Easter Island, Close-Up Of Moai Stone Statue, Cloudless Blue Sky
  44. English World War One propaganda poster
  45. Napoleonic Wars, Joachim Murat charging at the Head of his Cavalry, By Louis Bombled
  46. Russian poster showing a soldier and troops during World War I, 1916
  47. Charles III: The King Who History Forgot
  48. Terracotta Army