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  1. Where the Eggs and the Good Roast Come From - Original Edge
  2. The Gate, from 'A Home' series, c.1895
  3. A Shady Corner
  4. Horse hitched to a jaunting cart
  5. Pumpkin with a Stable-Lad, 1774
  6. Foxhunting: Breaking Cover
  7. A Border Leicester Ewe
  8. Cochin China Fowls, 19th century
  9. Black-Tailed Hare, 1845
  10. Pointers in a Landscape by Harrington Bird
  11. White Peacocks on Pink Hibiscus
  12. Spaniel With A Still Life Of Dead Game, 1837
  13. Shepherds and Sheep
  14. Sleeping Cat Rolled into a Ball, by Jean Bernard, 1825, Dutch chalk drawing
  15. The Countess of Effingham with Gun and Shooting Dogs, 1787
  16. Study of a Sleeping Dog
  17. A Feast Of Strawberries (Blue Tits) By Eloise Harriet Stannard
  18. Cat Spies Birds While a Dog Sleeps, c. 1850-90, watercolor painting, on paper
  19. The Winged Deer (tapestry) (detail of 95771)
  20. Mouse, by Albrecht Durer, c. 1480-1520, German drawing, pen and ink on paper
  21. Claiming the Shot: After the Hunt in the Adirondacks, 1865
  22. Hunt Scenes, The Kill. Edward Benjamin Herberte
  23. Chariot Race, Roman mosaic
  24. Life is everywhere (1846-1898) Nicolai A. Yaroshenko
  25. Ducklings, by Willem Maris, c. 1880-1907, Dutch painting, oil on panel
  26. Tiger and Lion
  27. Magpie And Plum Blossom, 19th Century
  28. Fight between a Lion and a Tiger, 1797
  29. The Suffolk Hunt - Going to Cover near Herringswell
  30. Kittens Playing
  31. Eagle, a Celebrated Stallion
  32. Cow Pasture
  33. White Horse, by Joris Hoefnagel, 1560-99
  34. A Spaniel, by Paulus Potter, 1653
  35. Frog Near a Dandelion with Flies, by Jan van Oort, c.1880-1930
  36. Chat on a Country Road, by Anton Mauve, c. 1860-80
  37. Weaning the Calves
  38. White Ducks and Hollyhocks
  39. Mssrs. Ridsdale's and Gully's St. Giles with William Scott up, 1832
  40. The Deer
  41. The Proud Mother By Charles Van Den Eychen
  42. Sir Roger Burgoyne Riding Badger, 1740
  43. 'Margrave' with James Robinson Up, 1833
  44. St. Jerome reading in a landscape
  45. Riders on the Beach at Dieppe, by Rene Pierre Charles Princeteau, 1892
  46. Study of Three Steeplechase Cracks: Allen McDonough on Brunette, Tom Oliver on Discount
  47. Still Life with Fruit and Macaws, 1622
  48. Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare