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  1. Louisiana Heron
  2. A Hare in the Forest, by Hans Hoffmann, c. 1585
  3. The Third Duke of Dorset's Hunter with a Groom and a Dog
  4. Shepherdess with a Flock of Sheep, c. 1870-88, Dutch painting, oil on canvas
  5. Reclining Lion, by Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1650-59
  6. The Fox Hunt By Winslow Homer
  7. Seamonsters, The Kraken
  8. Japanese Crane on Pine Branch, by Ohara Koson, 1900-30
  9. Louisiana Heron, 1834
  10. Race Horses
  11. Tiger In A Tropical Storm (Surprised!) By Henri Rousseau
  12. The Tiger Hunt, 1616, By Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, oil on canvas
  13. A Rabbit Among The Fairies By John Anster Fitzgerald
  14. Peaceable Kingdom, by Edward Hicks, c. 1834
  15. Poultry, c.1670
  16. Sheep watching a Storm
  17. The Meet, Ye Olde Wayside Inn
  18. Horses In A Meadow By Edgar Degas
  19. A Zebra, 1763
  20. Cats, 1909-10
  21. The Butterflies' Haunt (Dandelion Clocks And Thistles) By William Scott Myles
  22. Great Tit on Paulownia Branch, by Ohara Koson, 1925-36
  23. Resting Tiger, c. 1900-30, Japanese woodcut
  24. On the Southern Plains
  25. The Buffalo Hunt
  26. Horse and kittens, 1890
  27. Great White Heron
  28. Nine Greyhounds in a Landscape
  29. Apache Scout
  30. Landscape with Cattle, 1806, Dutch painting, oil on panel
  31. Galloping Horseman, c.1890
  32. Lustre, held by a Groom, c.1760-62
  33. Horses Grazing: A Grey Stallion grazing with Mares in a Meadow
  34. Exotic Parrots by School of John James Audubon
  35. The Fall of Phaeton, c.1604-05
  36. Tropical Forest with Monkeys, by Henri Rousseau, 1910
  37. Arctic Hare, by John James Audubon, 1841, American painting
  38. Prince George's Favourites
  39. Head of a Dog, by Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, c. 1820-45, French painting, oil on canvas
  40. Evocation of Butterflies, c.1912
  41. On Canterbury Meadows, 1861
  42. The Enchanted Domain, The Lion, c.1957
  43. Tiger in a Tropical Storm
  44. Duck Shooting
  45. Meadow with Animals, by Jan van Ravenswaay, 1820-37, Dutch painting, oil on canvas
  46. Jockeys on Horseback before Distant Hills, 1884
  47. Adonis, King George III's Favourite Charger
  48. Cows in a Soggy Meadow, by Willem Maris, c. 1860-1900, Dutch painting, oil on panel