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  1. Louisiana Heron
  2. The Third Duke of Dorset's Hunter with a Groom and a Dog
  3. Race Horses
  4. Shepherdess with a Flock of Sheep, c. 1870-88, Dutch painting, oil on canvas
  5. A Hare in the Forest, by Hans Hoffmann, c. 1585
  6. Seamonsters, The Kraken
  7. The Fox Hunt By Winslow Homer
  8. Reclining Lion, by Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1650-59
  9. Japanese Crane on Pine Branch, by Ohara Koson, 1900-30
  10. Cats, 1909-10
  11. Horses In A Meadow By Edgar Degas
  12. Peaceable Kingdom, by Edward Hicks, c. 1834
  13. Tiger In A Tropical Storm (Surprised!) By Henri Rousseau
  14. The Meet, Ye Olde Wayside Inn
  15. A Rabbit Among The Fairies By John Anster Fitzgerald
  16. Poultry, c.1670
  17. The Buffalo Hunt
  18. The Tiger Hunt, 1616, By Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, oil on canvas
  19. Horse and kittens, 1890
  20. The Butterflies' Haunt (Dandelion Clocks And Thistles) By William Scott Myles
  21. A Zebra, 1763
  22. Jockeys on Horseback before Distant Hills, 1884
  23. Evocation of Butterflies, c.1912
  24. Sheep watching a Storm
  25. Lustre, held by a Groom, c.1760-62
  26. Exotic Parrots by School of John James Audubon
  27. Head of a Horse
  28. Great Tit on Paulownia Branch, by Ohara Koson, 1925-36
  29. Prince George's Favourites
  30. Galloping Horseman, c.1890
  31. On the Southern Plains
  32. Great White Heron
  33. Nine Greyhounds in a Landscape
  34. Resting Tiger, c. 1900-30, Japanese woodcut
  35. Tropical Forest with Monkeys, by Henri Rousseau, 1910
  36. Horse Going Out the Stable
  37. Meadow with Animals, by Jan van Ravenswaay, 1820-37, Dutch painting, oil on canvas
  38. The Fall of Phaeton, c.1604-05
  39. Landscape with Cattle, 1806, Dutch painting, oil on panel
  40. Jockeys in the Rain, c.1886
  41. Horses Grazing: A Grey Stallion grazing with Mares in a Meadow
  42. Adonis, King George III's Favourite Charger
  43. The Milkmaid, 1840
  44. On Canterbury Meadows, 1861
  45. Apache Scout
  46. Arctic Hare, by John James Audubon, 1841, American painting
  47. Hunting Scene, 1906
  48. The Enchanted Domain, The Lion, c.1957