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  1. Rest On The Flight Into Egypt By Anthony Van Dyck
  2. Orpheus and Eurydice
  3. Ernesta (Child with Nurse)
  4. Perseus and Andromeda. Ca. 1620-21. By Peter Paul Rubens
  5. Self-Portrait of Rembrandt
  6. The Holy Family at Night, by workshop of Rembrandt van Rijn, 1642-48
  7. Portrait of Madame Sophie (1734-82), daughter of Louis XV, at Fontevrault
  8. Portrait of Anne of Austria (1601 66) c.1622
  9. Portrait of Madame Mole Raymond by Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun
  10. The Supper at Emmaus, 1601
  11. The Copper Drinking Fountain
  12. The Fall of Phaeton, by Peter Paul Rubens, 1605-06, Flemish painting
  13. The Prophet Elijah and the Angel in the Wilderness, c.1626 28
  14. The Sacrifice of Isaac, 1603
  15. The Calydonian Boar Hunt, c. 1611-2
  16. St. Jerome, by Caravaggio, c. 1605. Borghese Gallery, Rome, Italy
  17. The Assumption of the Virgin, 1649 50
  18. The Mill, by Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1645-48
  19. The Arrest of Samson, c.1628/30
  20. The Communion of St. Bonaventure (1221 74)
  21. The Square of Saint Mark's, Venice
  22. The Arrival of Marie de Medici in Marseilles, 3rd November 1600, 1621 25
  23. Self Portrait as a Young Man, c.1628
  24. The Spinners, or The Fable of Arachne, 1657
  25. Annunciation to the Shepherds
  26. Annunciation, By Ludovico Carracci, C.1585. National Gallery, Bologna, Italy
  27. St. John Baptising the People, c.1636-7
  28. The Cardinal Infante Ferdinand at the Battle of Nordlingen, c.1634
  29. The Blind of Jericho, or Christ Healing the Blind, 1650
  30. Cleopatra Disembarking at Tarsus, 1642
  31. The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus
  32. The Birth of the Milky Way, 1668
  33. The Stolen Kiss, c.1788 (detail of 37519)
  34. The Flight into Egypt
  35. The Forge of Vulcan
  36. Rinaldo in the Gardens of Armida
  37. Madonna And Child, C1628-1630
  38. St. Matthew and the Angel, by Caravaggio, 1602. San Luigi dei Francesi Church, Rome
  39. Portrait of the Countess Nathalie Golovine by Marie Elisabeth Louise Vigee Lebrun
  40. Coronation of the Virgin
  41. Portrait of Hendrikje Stoffels (1625 63)
  42. The Angel Appears to Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness
  43. Jupiter and Callisto
  44. The Three Graces
  45. The Study, or The Song, c.1769
  46. A Lady Writing, by Johannes Vermeer, c. 1665
  47. An Old Man In Military Costume By Rembrandt Van Rijn
  48. The Death of Adonis (with Venus, Cupid and the Three Graces) c.1614