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  1. Snapper (Lutjanus Blackfordi)
  2. Midas, Greek mythology
  3. Hellbender Salamander
  4. Narcisssus, Greek mythology
  5. Male And Female Chinese White-Cheeked Gibbon (Hylobates Leucogenys), Ape
  6. Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias Striatus)
  7. Capybara (Hydrochoerus Capybara)
  8. Guereza Or Abyssinian, Black-And-White Colobus (Colobus Guereza), Monkey
  9. Anemone Fish (Amphiprion Percula)
  10. Gelbvieh Bull, Beef Cattle
  11. Musculature and mucosa of the small intestines
  12. Promethea Moth (Callosamia Promethea)
  13. Harlequin Cabbage Bug (Murgantia Histrionica)
  14. Artificial pacemaker
  15. European Mantis (Mantis Religiosa)
  16. Abert's Squirrel (Sciurus Aberti)
  17. Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly And Pupae (Atlides Halesus)
  18. Bluegill (Lepomis Macrochirus)
  19. Sea Raven (Hemitripterus Americanus)
  20. Profiles Of Volcanic Landforms
  21. Largemouth Black Bass (Micropterus Salmoides)
  22. Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides Marcellus)
  23. Orca Or Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca)
  24. Pacific Viperfish (Chauliodus Macouni)
  25. Northern Pike (Esox Lucius)
  26. Carpenter Ant (Camponotus Pennsylvanicus)
  27. Honeybee Castes (Apis Mellifica)
  28. Basket Star (Gorgonocephalus Arcticus), Echinoderms
  29. Luna Moth (Actias Luna)
  30. Pharynx sagittal section
  31. Red Squirrel (Sciurus Vulgaris)
  32. A Comparison of Meat-Eating and Plant-Eating Dinosaurs
  33. Gray Mouse Lemur (Microcebus Murinus)
  34. Cecropia Moth (Samia Cecropia), Emperor Moth
  35. Io Moth (Automeris Io)
  36. Braford Bull, Beef Cattle
  37. Scorpion Fish (Scorpaena Guttata)
  38. Porgy (Stenotomus Chrysops)
  39. Lower cervical section of the spinal cord. central nervous system
  40. Gray Fox (Urocyon Cinereoargenteus)
  41. Heart in situ. cardiovascular system, respiratory system
  42. Genomic DNA Library
  43. Longbarb Scaly Dragonfish (Stomias Longibarbatus)
  44. Ostracoderm (Ostracoderma), Fishlike Animal, Fossil
  45. Indri (Indri Indri), Lemur
  46. Sperm Whale (Physeter Catodon)
  47. Domestic Llama (Lama Glama)
  48. Katydid (Pterophylla Camellifolia)