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  1. Shantungosaurus
  2. Muscles of the neck
  3. Frogs and their Eggs
  4. Ellice Islands - Vintage Map
  5. Pudu (Pudu)
  6. Archaeopteryx
  7. Earth's Prebiotic And Modern Atmosphere
  8. Atlantic Manta (Manta Birostris)
  9. England - Vintage Map
  10. Mucosa and musculature of the stomach
  11. Oceania - Vintage Map
  12. Intrapulmonary airways. respiratory system
  13. Green Monkey (Cercopithecus Sabaeus)
  14. Genetically modified organisms
  15. Female Black-And-Gold Howler (Alouatta Caraya), Monkey
  16. England and Isle of Man - Vintage Map
  17. Gray Or Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus)
  18. cDNA Library
  19. Alligator Gar (Atractosteus Spatula)
  20. African Goliath Beetle (Goliathus Giganteus)
  21. St. Helena Island - Vintage Map
  22. Male urinary bladder and urethra. urinary system
  23. Homologies of the forelimb among vertebrates
  24. Roe Deer (Capreolus)
  25. Nephron and collecting tubule and vascular system of nephron.
  26. Spleen in situ. lymphatic system
  27. Lifecycle of a Frog
  28. Scarab Beetle (Canthon Pilularius)
  29. Hedgehog (Erinaceus Europaeus)
  30. Buckeye Butterfly (Precis Lavinia)
  31. Female mammary gland. endocrine system
  32. Protoceratops
  33. Arteries of the posterior abdominal wall. cardiovascular system
  34. Brown Recluse (Loxosceles Reclusa), Violin Spider
  35. Distribution Of Climatic Characteristics Associated With Monsoons In West Africa
  36. Transverse section of an artery. cardiovascular system, circulatory system
  37. Velociraptor and Claws
  38. Euoplocephalus
  39. Herrerasaurus
  40. Body Plans of Extinct Reptiles
  41. Brangus Bull, Beef Cattle
  42. Checkered Beetle (Trichodes Apiarius)
  43. Phylogeny based on differences in the protein sequence of Cytochrome C
  44. Brain with skull in situ - lateral view. nervous system
  45. Donkey (Equus Asinus)
  46. Genetic differentiation between populations of Drosophila Willistoni
  47. Tussock Moth (Hemerocampa Leucostigma)
  48. Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)