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  1. Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus)
  2. Structure of the ear. sensory organ
  3. Cowfish (Acanthostracion Quadricornis)
  4. Albacore Tuna (Thunnus Alalunga)
  5. Palm side of hand and cross section of wrist
  6. Clouded Sulfur Butterfly (Colias Philodice)
  7. Allosaurus
  8. Male Mandrill (Mandrillus Leucophaeus), Monkey
  9. German Empire, Eastern Part - Vintage Map
  10. Arterial wall and the ultrastructure of the smooth muscle cells within it.
  11. Hyracotherium (Eohippus), Extinct Dawn Horse
  12. Millipede (Julus Terrestris), Arthropods
  13. South America, Eastern Part - Vintage Map
  14. White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus)
  15. Heracles (Greek), Hercules (Roman), mythology
  16. Sooty Mangabey (Cercocebus Atys), Monkey
  17. Polyphemus Moth (Telea Polyphemus)
  18. Triceratops
  19. White Bass (Roccus Chrysops)
  20. Bones of right leg - anterior view. skeletal system
  21. Cross Section Of A Generalized Coral Polyp
  22. Ceratosaurus
  23. Breathing Patterns
  24. Odin, Norse mythology
  25. Two phylogenies based on the amount of change in macromolecules
  26. Sulawesi Tarsier Or Spectral Tarsier (Tarsius Tarsier), Primate
  27. Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta)
  28. Chinese Mantis (Tenodera Sinensis)
  29. Canary Islands - Vintage Map
  30. Punnett squares showing monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
  31. White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium Simus)
  32. Wild Cattle, Gaur (Bos Gaurus)
  33. China, Eastern Part - Vintage Map
  34. Approximate time ranges of sites yielding Australopithecus fossils
  35. Basking Shark (Cetorhinus Maximus)
  36. Channel Islands - Vintage Map
  37. Female Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus), Ape
  38. Frog Anatomy
  39. Lambeosaurus
  40. England - Vintage Map
  41. Guadaloupe - Vintage Map
  42. Thyroid gland. endocrine system
  43. Vegetation Profile Of Tropical Mountain Lands
  44. Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha)
  45. Male Pale-Headed Saki (Pithecia Pithecia), Monkey
  46. Butterfly Peacock Bass (Cichla Ocellaris)
  47. Chromosomes - Male and female human karyotypes
  48. Shantungosaurus