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Vase With Twelve Sunflowers, 1889

Item # 2410982

Vincent van Gogh

<p>Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous figures in Western art. Despite never seeing the depth and breadth of his impact while living, Van Gogh&#39;s post-Impressionist works have become cultural icons in most modern societies. Known as the "quintessential tortured artist", he truly only became popular after his death, but left a strong impact on Expressionism in modern art.<p> <p>Through his use of bold colors, subtle contours, and striking brushwork, Van Gogh left an impact on the world like no other. From the dazzling fields of sunflowers to the brooding starry night skies, Van Gogh&#39;s works are immediately recognizable and stunningly beautiful.<p> <p class="title-3">The Legend Grows</p> <p>Known as the "Redheaded Madman," Van Gogh sadly suffered many mental and physical health struggles during a very troubled life. One of his most famous works, Starry Night, was painted while he was institutionalized during a manic episode. Using his struggles to fuel his art became a signature of Van Gogh&#39;s work after his untimely death by suicide. While not achieving even a modicum of fame during his life, in death he has become almost a myth or legend to people, due to the dramatic elements of his life juxtaposed with the simple beauty of his pieces.<p> <p>Even through the pain and heartache endured throughout his brief life, he sought out beauty in nature and in the everyday. Capturing the fragility of life, emotion, and personality in each of his works, Van Gogh is an inspiring artist, with each work bearing his signature Post-Impressionist touches on landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and floral studies. He has left an enduring impact that is felt through other artists&#39; works and modern society.<p> <p class="title-3">The Myth Becomes Reality for You</p> <p>With Great Big Canvas, you can bring the joy and beauty of Van Gogh&#39;s wall art directly into your home. With each piece individually handcrafted for you, made in the United States, fade-resistant, warp-resistant, and with a hard-sealed back, these pieces are built for you and they are built to last. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality reproductions that will last for years to come and continue to provide joy and beauty throughout your home or office.<p> <p>Showcase your love of fine art by bringing canvas prints of your favorite Van Gogh pieces directly into your home. Through our product customization and trend-setting curation, let us help you find the perfect piece to fit any room and mood in your home. With a variety of Van Gogh canvas art and prints to choose from, allow your imagination to run as freely as Van Gogh's did and turn your home into your own personal exhibit hall with our Van Gogh canvas art.<p>

<p>Van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1889. 'Vase With Twelve Sunflowers.' Oil On Canvas, Vincent Van Gogh, January 1889.</p>

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