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Three Pears, by Paul Cezanne, 1878-79

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Paul Cezanne

<p>Paul Cezanne started his painting journey in the 1860s in France, and he is remembered for his unique way of using color to create shapes and his careful approach to nature. He influenced and inspired many artists, like Cubists and Fauves.<p> <p>His early works in France were not perfect, as they exhibited dark colors and strong brush strokes, but he later changed his style, having drawn inspiration from other artists, namely Eugene Delacroix and Edouard Manet.<p> <p>He went on to use bright colors and was adept at painting still-life scenes, but one of his most notable paintings is called Bathers in which he showcased people in a landscape.<p> <p>Throughout his career, he painted more renowned pictures like landscapes of his town, peasants playing cards to showcase his skills in using color, and in 1895, he had his first solo exhibition.<p> <p>Even though some people were initially unsure about Paul Cezanne&#39;s canvas prints, his work revolutionized the world.<p> <p>Here is a brief overview of his work and contributions.<p> <p class="title-3">The work of Paul Cezanne</p> <p>Paul Cezanne is called the greatest of us all for the following reasons.<p> <p class="title-4">He changed art&#39;s relationship with the physical world</p> <p>Most medieval artists painted scenes showcasing everything in one picture, but Cezanne focused his wall art on single items like his apples. He painted them as if holding them tightly in his mind. As a result, still-life paintings became more detailed and intense, thanks to Cezanne&#39;s different approach to seeing and doing things. As such, he influenced other artists, and after his demise, Marcel Duchamp eulogized him as one of the artists who changed art for good.<p> <p class="title-4">He transformed faces into masks</p> <p>As previously mentioned, Cezanne performed his art differently and is known for impacting Picasso&#39;s art in a big way. While Picasso made faces look like masks, he derived this idea from Cezanne, who had painted bathers with faces that resembled timber. His wife&#39;s painting also looks like a porcelain Japanese mask.<p> <p>In his self-portrait, however, Cezanne views himself as someone outside his own body, affecting how people thought about themselves in the 20th century.<p> <p class="title-4">He earned the name Godfather of Art</p> <p>Cezanne was considered the godfather of art from 1910 to around 1950, but as art moved to post-modernism, he became less connected. You can imagine how his way of seeing things directly relates to how we view our TV screens today. His painting of Mont Saint-Victoire in the Philadelphia Museum of Art Showcases how people&#39;s lives are intricate and complicated.<p> <p class="title-3">Get Paul Cezanne&#39;s Artwork at an Affordable Price</p> <p>It is without a doubt that Paul Cezanne&#39;s canvas prints and wall art changed the way people see the world. His way of doing things left an indelible mark on the art world with his approach to color and composition.<p> <p>Embark on a journey to explore his captivating paintings and artwork by scheduling a consultation with Great Big Canvas today, and seize the opportunity to save up to an incredible 50%. Experience the stunning masterpieces of Paul Cezanne and infuse your space with his art.<p>

<p>Three Pears, by Paul Cezanne, 1878-79, French Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Entering his mature period, he did not model the pears by blending paint from dark to light. Instead, Cezanne gave them form with distinct patches of colors</p>

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