Make your own bus roll

For years, bus rolls served as a guide to those navigating public transit. Well, we’re reinventing this functional poster and opening it up to you, the creator. Fill in your words, choose options like color, texture, alignment, width, and text spacing, and watch your art come to life.

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Text Effect

Line Spacing

Letter Spacing




Enter your text to see a preview of your design
{{poster.width}}" x {{poster.height}}" {{poster.price}}


  1. Color

    Line Width


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Paste a List

{{poster.price}} | {{poster.width}} x {{poster.height}}"
or, edit


Tips & Tricks


Click the background color swatch to change the background color for your design.


You can choose between justified and centered layout modes.

  • Justified mode sizes each line of text individually so it fills the width of the design. You can control the width using the drop-down lists at the right of each line.
  • Centered layout mode sizes all lines together so that the longest line fills the width of the design.

Text Effect

To give a worn look to your text, you can choose a texture from this box. You'll see the effect when you preview your design.

Line Spacing

Use this box to select the space between each line. You can even try a negative spacing to make the text overlap slightly from one line to the next.

Letter Spacing

Use this box to control the spacing between characters. The smart option spaces letters according to the length of each line.

Outside Margin

Use this box to control the amount of empty space between the outside of the text and the edge of the design.

Text Color

Click the text color swatches to change the text color for the corresponding line.

Tip: right/option click a text color swatch to set all lines to that color.

Line Width

When in justified layout mode, you can use this box to control how much of the width of the design the line will fill. For example, 100% fills the entire width of the design, where 50% will only be half the width of the design. 

Tip: right/option click a line width box to set all lines to that width.

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