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  1. Goldfish in water, Australia.
  2. Man and Fish 4
  3. Fish sold on the harbour, Crete, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe
  4. A Rio Grande cutthroat trout at Seven Springs Fish Hatchery
  5. The Shad, from A Treatise on Fish and Fish-ponds, pub. 1832 (hand coloured engraving)
  6. Emperor angelfish close-up, Naama Bay, Red Sea, Egypt, Africa
  7. Fish School II
  8. Man and Fish 7
  9. Circling school of Jack's Trevally above Liberty Wreck, Bali
  10. Black piranha, Serrasalmus rhombeus, at Shark Reef Aquarium
  11. Summer Flounder (Paralichthys Dentatus)
  12. Winthrop, Washington, Angler
  13. Flying Fish, 2013
  14. Sardinia
  15. Candy Fish
  16. Anemonefish
  17. Sonora sucker, Catostomus insignis, at Mora National Fish Hatchery
  18. Tropical Fish
  19. Nine Fish, Blue Fish
  20. Eternally Intertwined
  21. Two Little Fish
  22. Angelfish And Anemonefish On A Reef
  23. Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo Island, Blennide, Meiacanthus Grammistes
  24. Tropical Beauty
  25. Basking Shark (Cetorhinus Maximus)
  26. Fish On Polka Dots II
  27. Malaysia, Malacca (Melaka), Close-Up Of Koi Fish
  28. Fish Of The Sea
  29. Fish, Watamu, Malindi marine natural park, tropical fish
  30. Brook Trout
  31. Lake House Horizontal
  32. Barracuda
  33. Ocean Life I
  34. Ignite
  35. Biologia Marina II
  36. Arianna Koi II
  37. School of fishes and tropical lagoon, Maldives, Indian Ocean, Asia
  38. 3 Fish Heads
  39. Thornback Ray, X-Ray
  40. Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki, Diver And Schooling Blue Striped Snapper
  41. X for XRay
  42. Xtravaganza - Red Fish Style
  43. Koi fish swimming in Mandalay, Myanmar
  44. Brook Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis)
  45. Catch of the Day I
  46. Common Lionfish
  47. Fish On Polka Dots
  48. Fiji, Lionfish swimming between Gorgonia, Coral and Crinoide