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  1. Equis IV
  2. Horses 6
  3. Charles V's armour preserved in the Royal Armoury, Madrid, Spain
  4. Cowboy driving horses with lasso, Oregon, USA
  5. Shire team resting during plowing competition
  6. Yellowstone, Traffic
  7. Illustration By Lucy Kemp Welch From The Book Black Beauty By A. Sewell Published 1915
  8. Draught horse from Franche-Comte, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  9. My Horse
  10. Bareback Hold
  11. 1940's UK Woman's Own Magazine Cover
  12. Horse
  13. Sunset Ride I
  14. Equestrian Scenes I
  15. Horse Buckskin with Jewelled Bridle
  16. The white horses of the Camargue running in the south of France
  17. A Horse in the Country
  18. Spanish Army, 1st Regiment Dragoon and Lancer of the Mancha, By Louis Bombled
  19. Out Of The Night
  20. Horse Riders At Dusk On A Sand Dune, Cordillera De La Sal Mountains, Death Valley
  21. Equis I
  22. Sunlit Horses II
  23. Sleigh Bells Ring - Sleigh Ride
  24. Icelandic Horses with typical thick shaggy winter coat, Iceland
  25. Foal
  26. Equine Portrait II
  27. A large horse with a groomed mane and bridle
  28. Painted Horses B
  29. Saddling Up
  30. Przewalskis Horse Foal, Pentezug Puszta. Hungary
  31. Horse Pulling Sleigh
  32. Horse Drawn Sled
  33. Floral Horse
  34. Shetland ponies, Unst, Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK
  35. Paint By Number Horse I
  36. Charcoal Equine Portrait II
  37. Nation Hunt - The Start
  38. Ivory Stallion II
  39. Circus Horse, 2016
  40. The Bull Run in Soubes
  41. Mountaineer, c1870
  42. Chautauqua - Sleigh Ride VI
  43. Assateague Island, Wild Horses
  44. The Water Wagon
  45. Icelandic Horse with typical winter coat, Iceland
  46. White Camargue horse stallions fighting in the water
  47. Cowboys And Cowgirls Riding Horse In Wilderness, Rocky Mountain, Wyoming
  48. Champions I