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  1. Ski Polar Bear II
  2. Ski Polar Bear I
  3. Mother Polar Bear & Cub Huddle in Snow Storm
  4. Floating, 2017
  5. Polar Bear
  6. Polar bear cub standing on hind legs looking at star on christmas tree
  7. Ursus Maritimus, 1999
  8. Adams Bros., International Circus, Vintage Poster
  9. Mother Polar Bear With Three Cubs On The Tundra, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada
  10. Two Polar Bears Touching Noses Or Kissing; Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  11. Polar Bear wearing Santa hat lying on its back in snow
  12. Two Polar Bears Snuggling
  13. Constellations
  14. White Polar Bear Hunter laying on rocks
  15. Polar Bear Sow & Cubs Resting in Snow
  16. Polar Bear Walking
  17. Now That You Wake Me Up Is Better For You To Start Running
  18. Polar Bear Mother And Cub Peer Over A Snow Bank
  19. Polar Bear
  20. Schneeweichen (Snow-White)
  21. Polar Bear - Northern Lights
  22. Shut Up and Deal
  23. Polar Bear Mother
  24. Arc of the Diver, 2016, (oil on canvas)
  25. Polar bear and cubs, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada
  26. Polar bear and cubs, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada
  27. Creamy Vanilla
  28. Polar Bear On Foggy Sea Ice
  29. Polar Bear And Cub, Alaska, 1002 Area Of The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  30. Polar Bear Playing Peekaboo
  31. Polar Bear Sow With Newborn Spring Cubs, Canning River, Alaska
  32. Pristine White Polar Bear In Fireweed Landscape
  33. Northern Lights, 1998
  34. The Arctic Polar Bear
  35. Polar bear on newly formed pack ice, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
  36. Jardin Zoologique, Bale, Polar Bear, Vintage Poster
  37. Two Polar Bears In A Field Of Pink Fireweed
  38. Polar Bear Lying On The Ice, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  39. Deep Blue, 2016
  40. Mother Polar Bear & 2 Cubs in Snow Storm Churchill Canada Winter
  41. Polar, 2013
  42. Boho Winter Polar bear
  43. Arctic Light, 2017
  44. Visit the Brookfield Zoo - WPA Poster
  45. Polar Bear Waving In A Bed Of Fireweed
  46. Isbjorn, Polar Bear, 2013
  47. Two Polar Bears Laying Together
  48. White Polar Bear