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  1. Lunch atop a skyscraper
  2. New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam
  3. Construction Workers Resting on Steel Beam Above Manhattan
  4. World War II photo of the senior American military commanders of the European Theater
  5. Prohibition, C.1921, agents pour liquor into a sewer
  6. Prohibition, 1922, Revenue agents with confiscated bootleg liquor
  7. The first flight of the Wright Flyer in 1903
  8. Prohibition, 1920's
  9. Construction Workers Resting on Steel Beam Above Manhattan
  10. Wright Brothers Flight at Kitty Hawk Vintage Photograph
  11. Sioux Chiefs after a meeting at the White House, Washington
  12. A nuclear weapon test by the American military at Bikini Atoll, Micronesia
  13. Liquor Raid, 1923, during Prohibition
  14. Prohibition Repeal, 1933
  15. Prohibition, 1924, public safety director Butler destryoing contraband kegs
  16. Wall Street Crash, Black Thursday, 1929
  17. New York Giants football team during a moment of prayer for President John Kennedy
  18. Gay rights demonstration during the DNC n in New York City, 1976
  19. Prohibition, 1920's, Men pouring bootleg whiskey into a sewer
  20. Prohibition, 1920's
  21. Prohibition Repeal, 1933
  22. World War II: D-Day, 1944, American soldiers landing on the coast at Utah Beach
  23. Women's Suffrage, 1912
  24. Charles Howard admiring his horse Seabiscuit, March 5, 1940
  25. $30,000 worth of bootleg liquor found in St. Louis, Missouri, 1931
  26. Yalta Conference, 1945, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin
  27. Liquor Raid, 1923
  28. Prohibition, man displaying the utilization of confiscated bootlegger paraphernalia
  29. Olympic And Titanic Being Built
  30. In preparation for the repeal of prohibition, a worker empties barrels, 1933
  31. An American official dumping kegs of bootleg liquor into the sewer during Prohibition
  32. World's Columbian Exposition
  33. Ellis Island, C.1910, Immigrants arriving
  34. The floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York City, 1907
  35. Suffragettes, C.1910
  36. Liquor Raid, 1923, during Prohibition
  37. The Endurance Photo. Co. By Underwood and Underwood, 1916.
  38. Dallas crowds waving as President Kennedy's limousine drives through downtown Dallas
  39. Scandinavia's First Drive In Movie Theater
  40. Prohibition, 1920's
  41. Jack Dempsey's famous crouching attack in the fourth round against Gene Tunney
  42. Demonstrator offers a flower to military police during the 1967 March on the Pentagon
  43. Marchers on the National Mall during the Million Man March
  44. Immigrants: Ellis Island
  45. Marchers in Harlem, New York City, carrying banners, Civil Rights March, 1965
  46. Spectators gather around the nuclear-powered submarine USS Nautilus
  47. Coretta Scott King at the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam War, Oct. 15, 1969
  48. Ellis Island, C.1900, Immigrants waiting for a boat