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  1. Absinthe Bourgeois
  2. Le Chat Noir - Vintage Advertisement
  3. Clinique Cheron, Vintage Poster, by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
  4. Horse and Fox Terrier, Universitats Tattersall, Vintage Poster, by Ludwig Hohlwein
  5. Clinique, Cheron, Veterinaire, Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, Vintage Poster
  6. Two Cats, Vintage Poster, by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
  7. Savon De Boucle Retro Advertising Poster
  8. Pepita the Parrot - Vintage Liquor Advertisement
  9. Le Chat Noir II
  10. Pugilecane Vino Melagrano Retro Advertising Poster
  11. Oliva Olio Extra Vergine Retro Advertising Poster
  12. Twee Honden Extra Fijn Bier Retro Advertising Poster
  13. Cocorico, Vintage Poster, by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
  14. Pelican - Vintage Cigarette Advertisement
  15. Spratts Patent Ltd, Vintage Poster, by Auguste Roubille
  16. Langerhund Feiner Kase Retro Advertising Poster
  17. Kennel Club - Vintage Dog Show Advertisement
  18. Dublin Horse Show Poster By Olive Whitmore
  19. Big Cats at the Munchen Zoo - Vintage Animal Advertisement
  20. Papier A Cigarettes
  21. Bartig Hund Kognak Orange Mandel Retro Advertising Poster
  22. Cianciare Il Cono Retro Advertising Poster
  23. Grappa Muscat Vin Gauche Retro Advertising Poster
  24. Exposition, Artistes Animaliers, Vintage Poster, by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
  25. Exposition Canine de Briard, Vintage Poster, by Edouard Doigneau
  26. Kenya
  27. London to Glascow II
  28. Dog by Rail
  29. Mafa, Precorrere, Vintage Poster
  30. Savon Le Chat - Vintage Soap Advertisement
  31. Ala Bodiniere, Vintage Poster, by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
  32. Black Cat Stove Polish
  33. Dog Rail
  34. Palais de la Nouveaute, Vintage Poster, by Leonetto Cappiello
  35. Blue Goose Pears
  36. ZOO, Grosste Schenswurdigkeit, Vintage Poster
  37. The National Parks Preserve Wild Life - WPA Poster
  38. Cognac de l'Aigle - Vintage Liquor Advertisement
  39. Duroc Hog, Vintage Poster
  40. Kunst im Handwerk, Vintage Poster, by Bruno Paul
  41. Chanteclair Retro Advertising Poster
  42. Catastrophe in the Kitchen, 1885
  43. Meehans Canines, Hound Circus Dogs, Vintage Poster, by Alfonso Iannelli
  44. Poster for Leningrad Zoo, 1927
  45. Ringling Brothers Circus Poster
  46. Foster Mother of the World, Vintage Poster, by Richard Fayerweather Babcock
  47. Bitter le Coq - Vintage Liquor Advertisement
  48. Dan Patch, Horse with Wonderful World Records, Vintage Poster