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  1. Timber Wolves (Canis lupus) close-up portrait of pair howling in snow, North America
  2. Shipwreck Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
  3. Mountain Lion or Cougar mother with kitten, North America, captive animal
  4. Nymphalid Butterfly feeding on flower nectar, native to Asia
  5. Rio Grande and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado
  6. Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia), Joshua Tree National Park, California
  7. Beach At Sunset, Sonoma Coast State Park, Big Sur, California
  8. Lower Yellowstone Falls Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
  9. Opuntia (Opuntia sp) and hoodoos, Big Bend National Park, Chihuahuan Desert, Texas
  10. Organ Pipe Cactus, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Sonoran Desert, Arizona
  11. La Plata and Twin Peaks reflected in Twin Lakes with a lone tree, Colorado
  12. Sea stack and boulders at Meyers Creek Beach, Oregon
  13. Yellow-bellied Slider turtle, portrait, on rock, North America
  14. Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) swamp, Cypress Island, Lake Martin, Louisiana
  15. Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) and fish, Sabah, Malaysia
  16. Palmyra Peak reflected in Alta Lake near Telluride, Colorado
  17. Magnificent Hummingbird (Eugenes fulgens) male foraging, Costa Rica
  18. Bald Cypress at upper Blue Basin, Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge, Tennessee
  19. Moon over Playa Espadilla, Costa Rica
  20. Swift River, White Mountains National Forest, New Hampshire
  21. Camel Butte rising from the desert floor, Monument Valley, Arizona
  22. Mount Rundle and boreal forest reflected in Johnson Lake, Banff National Park
  23. Ruby Range reflected in the Slate River, Colorado
  24. Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) at water surface, Tanzania
  25. North Clear Creek Waterfall cascading down cliff, Colorado
  26. Fortress Mountain and Mt Kidd at Wedge Pond Kananaskis Country Alberta Canada
  27. Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) walking, endangered, native to Siberia
  28. Panther and Safford Peaks covered with Saguaro and Teddybear Cholla Saguaro
  29. Orange Sneezeweed and Indian Paintbrush flowers in meadow, North America
  30. Indian Blanket Flowers And Opuntia Cacti, Inks Lake State Park, Texas
  31. African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) male portrait with long tusks, Kenya
  32. Rainbow over Boulder Mountains Idaho
  33. Emerald Lake in fog, Emerald Lake State Park, Vermont
  34. Beach near San Simeon Creek with ice plant in the foreground, Big Sur, California
  35. Wood Stork (Mycteria americana) perched in tree, Everglades National Park, Florida
  36. Mount Rundle and boreal forest reflected in Johnson Lake, Banff National Park
  37. Pointed Phlox and Indian Paintbrushes in bloom, Hill Country, Texas
  38. Easely Peak, Boulder Mountains, Idaho
  39. East Beckwith Mountain flanked by Aspen forests under cumulus clouds, Colorado
  40. Surf hitting rocky coastline, Pelada Beach, Costa Rica
  41. Steam rising from Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  42. Panamint Range over the Furnace Creek playa, Death Valley National Park, California
  43. Opuntia (Opuntia sp) cactus blooming, North America
  44. Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia) adult portrait in snow
  45. Alpine stream, Rollins Pass near Winter Park, Colorado
  46. Waves crashing on Point Dume Beach, California
  47. Sand Bluebonnet (Lupinus subcarnosus) and Pointed Phlox (Phlox cuspidata)
  48. Reeds reflected in Sweet Bay Pond at sunrise, Everglades National Park, Florida