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  1. Palace Facade Blueprint I
  2. Sepia Nature Study I
  3. Antique Appraisal IV
  4. Verdigris Panel II
  5. Seaweed Arrangement I
  6. Modern Patina VIII
  7. Chinese Bird's-eye View in Navy I
  8. Nature's Tapestry III
  9. Ships and Sails IV
  10. Small Vintage Floral IV
  11. Chinese Bird's-eye View in Spa II
  12. Swan Soap
  13. Gems of the Sea I
  14. Crimson Flowers on Black IV
  15. Heraldry II
  16. The Beech Tree Fairy
  17. Sphere of the World II
  18. Zen Panel I
  19. Small Woodland Birds III
  20. Coastal Starfish III
  21. Navy Seaweed I
  22. Coastal Collection in Indigo III
  23. Pear Varieties IV
  24. Small Romance du Mer III
  25. Blue Porcelain Urn III
  26. Dogs are miracles with paws
  27. Zen Panel II
  28. Graphic Map of Chicago
  29. Blue and White Ginger Jar on Linen II
  30. Indigo Coral V
  31. Polo Saddle
  32. Midsummer Floral III
  33. Navy Ocean Gems IV
  34. Tree Ring I
  35. Cherry Blossom
  36. Seaweed on Aqua VI
  37. Midsummer Floral I
  38. Heraldry I
  39. Amaryllis Panel I
  40. Woodland Scrapbook II
  41. Nouveau Floral Design VI
  42. Indigo Botany Study III
  43. Modern Patina III
  44. Chinese Indigo Fish III
  45. Vintage Rosette I
  46. Ocean Gems IV
  47. Narcissus Botanique II
  48. Crimson Flowers on Black II