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  1. Italy, Rome, Spanish steps, Trinita dei Monti church
  2. Roma 2 2005
  3. Italy, Lazio, Rome, St. Peter's Basilica
  4. Italy, Rome, Pincian Hill, view from Pincio gardens
  5. Italy, Rome, Tor Tre Teste, the Jubilee Church
  6. A Roman house reflected on the fairing of a Vespa scooter
  7. Italy, Rome, St. Peter's Square and Saint Peter's Cathedral, night
  8. Maxxi Museum
  9. Castel Sant'Angelo framed by trees, Rome
  10. Arches of the Lateran cloister, Rome
  11. Italy, Rome, Trevi Fountain
  12. The ancient Roman Colosseum casts an illuminated golden light
  13. Italy, Latium, Mediterranean area, Roma district, Rome, Pantheon
  14. Rome Italy Skyline
  15. Dolce Vita Rome Collection - Architecture Rome II
  16. Celing and main nave of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica, Rome
  17. Detail of Bernini's twisted column from the baldacchino, Saint Peter's basilica, Vatican
  18. Italy, Latium, Vatican City, Rome, Saint Peter's Basilica
  19. Italy, Rome, View of Castel St Angelo and St Angelo bridge
  20. Ceiling of San Rocco church, Rome
  21. Vintage Luggage Label
  22. Night Lights Of The Pantheon In Piazza Della Rotunda; Rome Lazio Italy
  23. Low angle view of ruins of an amphitheater, Coliseum, Rome, Lazio, Italy
  24. Italy, Rome, Tevere, Capital of San Pietro, St. Angelo castle and bridges
  25. Italy, Rome, Roman Forum, Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimius Severus
  26. Detail of the cenotaph of Suor Maria Raggi, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica, Rome
  27. Italy, Rome, Piazza Navona, Fountain of the Four Rivers
  28. Italy, Latium, Rome, Piazza Navona, Sant'Agnese In Agone Church, Piazza Navona
  29. Dolce Vita Rome Collection - The Colosseum at Sunrise
  30. Rome Air Balloon
  31. Forum At Sunrise, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
  32. Classic Carosel In Rome
  33. National Monument honouring Victor Emmanuel, Rome, Italy
  34. Trevi Fountain
  35. Italy, Rome, Roman Forum, Colosseum
  36. High angle view of a city, Roman Forum, Rome, Lazio, Italy
  37. Roma 1 2005
  38. Italy, Rome, Roman Forum, Tempio di Castore and Polluce
  39. Image of Sant Antonio plenty of votive notes, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome
  40. Rome
  41. Rome Italy City Street Map
  42. Rome, and her surrounding hills. The Colosseum is visible from space
  43. Italy, church
  44. Italy, Latium, Rome, Anzio, Grotte di Nerone (grotto)
  45. Side view of the Great Synagogue, Rome
  46. Italy, Rome, Coliseum, interior
  47. Coffered ceiling of Santa Maria in Trastevere basilica, Rome
  48. Italy, Latium, Rome, Piazza del Campidoglio, Tiber river statue on the right