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  1. Suez Canal, as it opens into the Mediterranean. Nature and human engineering
  2. The Courtyard of a House in Cairo, c. 1868-81, Dutch oil painting
  3. Egypt, Red Sea, El Gouna, beach
  4. Colonnade Of Amenophis Iii With Statue Of Ramses Ii At Dusk; Luxor Temple, Egypt
  5. Facade of a golf course, The Cascades Golf & Country Club, Soma Bay, Hurghada, Egypt
  6. Fort and Harbour, Alexandria, Egypt, Africa
  7. Egypt, Luxor. A felluca sailboat on the waters of the Nile
  8. Sphinx And Date Palms With Full Moon Behind, Egypt
  9. Sharm el Sheikh, at the tip of the Sinai on the Red Sea
  10. Luxor Temple at night, Luxor, Egypt
  11. Camel Looking At Camera With Pyramids In The Background, Giza, Egypt
  12. Egypt, Alexandria, Monument and palm trees at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  13. Egypt, North Africa, Electricity pylon near Thebes
  14. Egypt
  15. Polka-Dot Desert - centre-point irrigation farms in Egypt
  16. Moon Rising Behind Pyramid Of Chephren; Egypt
  17. Looking Under Camel To Great Pyramids Of Giza
  18. Relief depiction of Ramses II, Temple of Luxor, Egypt
  19. A Group of Men Play Dominoes, Luxor, Egypt
  20. Low angle view of stone columns, Great Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Horus, Edfu, Egypt
  21. Egypt, Upper Egypt, Aswan
  22. Interior, Valley of the Kings, Thebes, Egypt, Africa
  23. Hurghada, Egypt, a popular tourism and diving site on the Red Sea
  24. Egypt, Upper Egypt, Aswan, River Nile
  25. Pyramids of Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu, Giza, Egypt
  26. The "Bent" Pyramid (Il-Haram Il-Munhani) Dahshur Egypt
  27. Great Pyramid Of Khufu (Cheops) And Camel Driver, Giza, Al Jizah, Egypt
  28. Egypt, Nile Valley, Luxor, Temple of Luxor, Statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses II
  29. Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Temple, Egypt II
  30. Sunken Relief, Lateral Chamber, Ramses II Temple, Abu Simbel, Nubia, Egypt, Africa
  31. Deir el Bahri (Heekal Hatshebset) Luxor Egypt
  32. Facade of the Temple of Hathor, Dendarah, from Egypt and Nubia
  33. Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure at Giza, Egypt. 4th Dynasty. C. 2613-2498 BC
  34. Statues of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor
  35. Sphinx And Khafra Pyramid
  36. Egypt, Karnak Ruins, c1860
  37. A lone camel and rider, Giza, Egypt
  38. Temple Of Deir Al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut's Temple), Luxor, Egypt
  39. Temple of Hatshepsut, Deir el Bahari, Thebes, Egypt, North Africa
  40. A camel stands in front of the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt, North Africa, Africa
  41. Africa, Egypt, Hurghada, Sharm El Naga beach, coral reef
  42. Egypt, North Africa, Red Sea, Wreckage
  43. Egypt, Luxor, Luxor Temple
  44. Egypt, North Coast, Alexandria, Sphinx statue at Pompey's Pillar and the Serapeum
  45. Menkaure's Pyramid, Giza, Egypt
  46. Men On Horses Cross the Desert, Giza, Egypt
  47. Madrasa Of Barquq Mosque Illuminated At Dusk
  48. Crocodile God Sobek, Wall Reliefs, Temple Of Sobek And Haroeris, Egypt, North Africa