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  1. Napoleon Bonaparte at the Royal Military School of Brienne
  2. Great Army of Napoleon I Arrives at Moscow
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte in his Study at the Tuileries, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  4. The Battle of Grandson, March 2, 1476 Between Swiss and Burgundy
  5. Joachim Murat Reviews a Company of Black Soldiers in Koenigsberg
  6. Swords of France, Joan of Arc Leads her Army, 1429, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  7. Joan of Arc hears heavenly voices in the Forest
  8. Napoleon Bonaparte crossing Alps through Saint Bernard Pass
  9. Red Lancers of the French Old Guard, From Book, 'The Old Guard'
  10. Barbet Dagobert was Trained to Pay Suppliers and Return with Receipts
  11. Murat Prevents Retirement Friant's Division at Battle of Borodino
  12. Old Guard Foot Artillery in Hanau, 1813, From Book, 'The Old Guard,'
  13. Swords of France, Eagles of Napoleon, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  14. Napoleon Bonaparte charging British Army in Toulon
  15. Battle of Eylau, Napoleon orders Murat to Charge Russian Army
  16. Elephant of Porus in the Battle of the Hydaspes River in 326 BC
  17. Surcouf attacks English ship 'Queen Mary with his ship 'Coquette'
  18. Napoleon Bonaparte in the Throne Room at the Palace of Tuileries
  19. Party in honor of the King of the Two Sicilies at the Palais Royal
  20. Swords of France, Grenadier Guards Charging, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  21. Shaggy Giant Kills Knights at King Louis XI's Tournament
  22. King Louis Philippe I Awards Henri Monnier medal of the National Guard
  23. Murat Recovers the Sword of Francis I of France Surrended at Pavia 1525
  24. The Battle of Fontenoy, May 11, 1745, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  25. Book Cover 'Les epees de France' By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  26. Sgt, Robert calls Bonaparte 'Little Corporal' after Battle of Lodi
  27. Louis XIV in the Courtyard of Versailles Waiting for his Carriage
  28. Napoleon Bonaparte imprisoned in Fort Carre in Antibes Aug, 1794
  29. King Francis I of France Surrenders his Sword to Spain at Pavia, 1525
  30. Poilus on their way to the front, in 1914 during World War 1
  31. At the Palace School, Charlemagne leans over a Student
  32. Swords through the Ages, Swords of France, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  33. Joachim Murat joins the regiment of Chasseurs des Ardennes, in 1787
  34. Napoleon Bonaparte at Lunch in the Park of La Malmaison
  35. Swords of France, Duel between a Musketeer and a Cardinal Guard
  36. Swords of France, Park Keeper in the 19th Century, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  37. Parisians Teach Parrots to pronounce 'Peronne' to mock King Louis XIII
  38. Swords of France, Jerusalem Captured by Godfrey of Bouillon, 1099
  39. Gulliver's Travels, Gulliver's Ship and Giant Eagles
  40. Swords of France, Death of Roland at Roncevaux in 778, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  41. After Battle of Brienne, Napoleon I met Abbot Henriot, and Elder Minim
  42. Swords of France, A Duel in 1894, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  43. General MacMahon during the Battle of Sevastopol, Sept, 8, 1955
  44. Napoleon I at the Battle of Bautzen, 1813
  45. Henri IV with his cousin Henry II, and young Marguerite de Valois
  46. Allegory from the Glories of France to Poilus of 1914, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  47. Napoleon Bathing on the Island of Lobau before the Battle of Wagram
  48. French Imperial escort accompanying Napoleon, By Jacques de Breville, JOB