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  1. M82 Sniper Rifle on Blue
  2. An 81mm mortarman adjusts the mortar sights during a fire mission
  3. U.S. Special Forces soldiers patrol through tall grass during combat
  4. U.S. Special Forces soldiers provide security with automatic rifles
  5. Vintage Parchment Hand Grenade World War 1 Patent Poster
  6. U.S. Army sniper pulls security using an Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
  7. Caribbean, Virgin Islands, St. Croix, Fort Christiansvaern
  8. Fire!
  9. The H.M.S. Hercules, a Colossus-class battleship of the Royal Navy, 1916
  10. Marines fire their M240G medium machine guns and M249 squad automatic weapons
  11. A Belgian Army soldier handling a machine gun atop a Unimog vehicle
  12. U.S. Army Ranger in Afghanistan combat scene
  13. A US Marine Fires A M-240B Machine Gun Atop A Humvee
  14. Special operations forces soldier transits the water armed with an assault rifle
  15. A crew chief looks for suspicious activity aboard a helicopter
  16. World War I: French Tank
  17. Old western-style revolver in a holster
  18. Georgia, Andersonville, Andersonville National Historic Site
  19. An even mix of four ball rounds to one tracer
  20. Defunct missile silo, Marin Headlands, California
  21. A Marine pulls an M4 rifle off of the weapons rack
  22. A Standard Missile Three is launched from vertical launch system aboard USS Lake Erie
  23. Soldier loads a charge round behind the ammunition round of the Howitzer 150 gun
  24. Mini Uzi Sub Machine Gun on Green
  25. Traffic Ceases At The Iraq Border At Sunset During Operation Iraqi Freedom
  26. An assaultman handles the ShoulderLaunched MultiPurpose Assault Weapon
  27. Close-up view of the seeker head of an ASRAAM missile
  28. Close-up of the GAU-8 Avenger gun on an A-10A Thunderbolt II
  29. The Aegisclass destroyer USS Hopper launching a standard missile 3 Blk IA in Kauai
  30. U.S. Marine during combat operations
  31. Smart munitions on an ejector rack of a B-1B Lancer
  32. British Mark Iv Tank Rolling Over Hillside
  33. A Sailor inspects a Captive Air Training Missile attached to an F/A18F Super Hornet
  34. A PK 762mm machine gun nest on top of the Baghdad Hotel during Operation Iraqi Freedom
  35. Caribbean, Puerto Rico, San Juan. Stacked canon balls at Fort San Cristobal
  36. The directlay method of firing mortars
  37. Marines engage unknown-distance targets at Camp Schwab, Japan
  38. U.S. Air Force CSAR parajumper armed with an automatic rifle
  39. Lance Corporal waits for his turn on the M2 50caliber machine gun
  40. U.S. Special Forces on patrol in a special operation vehicle
  41. A Standard Missile Three is launched from the vertical launch system
  42. A tomahawk missile launch aboard USS Sterett
  43. A Standard Missile Three is launched from the Mark 41 Vertical Launch System
  44. An American Dreadnought Battleship Equipped With Five Fourteen-Inch Guns, 1917
  45. Practical Mechanics, October 1940
  46. Vintage Parchment Hand Grenade Patent Poster
  47. Lithuanian Special Forces Members Lie In Formation On A Beach
  48. Vintage Parchment Hand Grenade 1915 Patent Poster