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  1. Rainbow on Copper
  2. Gold Blue Flow
  3. Nature's Textures III
  4. Sage Agate A
  5. Plum Agate III
  6. Geode with Bright Aqua Blue
  7. Turquoise Agate I
  8. Sea shell spiral detail
  9. Fortifications Crazy Lace Agate
  10. Close Up of multi colored stones
  11. Cobalt Blue Agate I
  12. Flowing Oil in Light
  13. Rock of Love
  14. Pebbles on beach, Hurlestone Point, Somerset, England
  15. Sand dollar
  16. Mediterranean Agate I
  17. Sea Shell
  18. Condor Agate With Fortifcations
  19. Close-Up Royal Aztec Lace Agate
  20. Detail Of Ice Patterns In A Frozen Meltwater Pond, Denali Highway, Southcentral Alaska
  21. Skeleton Swirl
  22. Deschutes Jasper, Oregon
  23. Golden Brown Geode Detail
  24. Detail of Brown Fungi
  25. Sliced Agave Geode
  26. Acorn
  27. Ammonite
  28. Grey Agate E
  29. Saturn Geode
  30. Alone
  31. Rainbow Abalone (Haliotis iris), inside shell, New Zealand
  32. Wood Pattern
  33. Honeycomb Closeup
  34. Laguna Agate
  35. Turquoise Agate II
  36. A cluster of houseleeks, Sempervivum species, growing among rocks.; Wellesley, Massachusetts.
  37. Indigo Agate I
  38. Rainbow Abalone, shell interior, iridescent nacre or mother of pearl
  39. Oil on Foil
  40. Plum Agate B
  41. Bolivia, Potosi, Amethyst in a Bolivian museum
  42. Amethyst crystals
  43. Sand over Layered Bronze Rock
  44. Grey Agate B
  45. Shells VII
  46. Pine Cone Detail
  47. Phthalo Blue Agate I
  48. Desert Agate II