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  1. Muscles of the back - posterior view
  2. Muscles of the leg - anterior view
  3. Bones of the foot - dorsal view. skeletal system
  4. Nerves of the left arm - anterior view. nervous system
  5. Bones of the pelvic girdle. skeletal system
  6. Muscles of upper arm - posterior view
  7. Nerves of the right leg - posterior view. nervous system
  8. Posterior view of the muscles of the hip, thigh, and lower leg
  9. Bones of the wrist and hand - dorsal view. skeletal system
  10. Cross section of an adult molar. dentistry, tooth, teeth
  11. Anterior and lateral view of a skull. skeletal system
  12. Dental implant
  13. Cross section of normal heart walls compared to walls that have experienced hypertrophy
  14. Nerves of head and neck - lateral view. nervous system
  15. Muscles of dorsum of foot
  16. Dental crown
  17. Electrical conduction in the heart controlled by pacemaker cells in the sinoatrial node.
  18. Trachea and major bronchi of lungs. respiratory system
  19. Cranial nerves. nervous system
  20. Skull - inferior view. skeletal system
  21. Root canal therapy
  22. Muscles of the face and head - lateral view
  23. External anatomy of the human eye (with labels)
  24. Autonomic nervous system
  25. External auditory canal of human ear (with labels)
  26. Bony framework of head and neck. skeletal system
  27. Cross-section of human heart. cardiovascular system
  28. Muscles of the abdominal wall - anterior view
  29. Skeleton of a Neanderthal compared with that of a modern human
  30. Front and side views of pelvis in chimpanzee, Australopithecus, and modern human
  31. Right radius and ulna bones in supination - anterior view. skeletal system
  32. The analysis of sound frequencies by the basilar membrane
  33. Comparison of bones of forearm and lower leg - anterior view. skeletal system
  34. Superficial arteries and veins of face and scalp. cardiovascular system
  35. The physiology of balance
  36. Muscular man running
  37. Pulmonary veins and arteries. circulation, cardiovascular system
  38. Electrocardiogram showing the deflections of the alternate contractions of the heart
  39. Veins and nerves of the neck. cardiovascular system, nervous system
  40. The analysis of sound frequencies by the basilar membrane.
  41. Diagram of spinal cord, vertebrae, and sympathetic trunk. nervous system
  42. Arterial embolism
  43. Arterial supply and venous drainage of the organs.
  44. The human body with superimposed colored plates by Julien Bougle
  45. Lungs in situ - anterior view. respiratory system
  46. Relationships of the cells of the islets of Langerhans
  47. Bones of the shoulder - anterior view. skeletal system
  48. The human body with superimposed colored plates by Julien Bougle