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  1. General Relativity
  2. Special Relativity
  3. String Theory
  4. Entropy
  5. Quantum Mechanics
  6. Universal Gravitation
  7. Laws of Motion I
  8. Mathematical Elements III
  9. Laws of Motion II
  10. Particle physics equations
  11. Laws of Motion III
  12. Fibonacci spiral, artwork
  13. Strong Force
  14. Sound byte, artwork
  15. Bicycle diagram, 19th century
  16. Gravity
  17. Weak Force
  18. Streamer chamber photo of oxygen ion collision
  19. Wave energy
  20. Einstein Theory of Relativity
  21. Smoke patterns
  22. Electromagnetic Radiation
  23. Bouncing ball
  24. Mathematical Elements II
  25. Wings, directly put on the human body by straps, from Atlantic Codex
  26. Galileo thermometer
  27. Albert Einstein, Photo by Orren Jack Turner, c. 1947
  28. Newton's optics
  29. Guitar string vibrating
  30. Electromagnetic spectrum
  31. Multi-Life
  32. Electron flow
  33. Wing covered with cloth and crank winch, from Atlantic Codex
  34. Screws and lathe, and components of plumbing machine from Atlantic Codex
  35. ATLAS detector
  36. Particle Physics
  37. Flame emission spectra of alkali metals
  38. Soap bubbles
  39. Spatial dimensions, conceptual artwork
  40. Pathways Educational Poster
  41. Electron flow
  42. Electron tree in a block of plastic
  43. Concentrating sunlight, 17th century
  44. Wheel, drawings representing the Earth, the Moon, the planets, from Atlantic Codex
  45. Radioactive emission from radium
  46. Great sling, wheel and crossbows devices from Atlantic Codex
  47. Barycenter Diagram
  48. Visualisation of quark structure of proton