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  1. Scanning electron micrograph of a human neutrophil ingesting MRSA
  2. Microscopic view of coronavirus
  3. Salmonella bacteria, SEM
  4. Cells from a urine infection, SEM
  5. Virus particles entering cells, artwork
  6. E. coli bacteria, SEM
  7. Microscopic view of bacteria
  8. Shame may be Fatal - WPA Poster
  9. Stamp out Syphilis and Gonorrhea - WPA Poster
  10. Lactobacillus bacteria, SEM
  11. Bacteria infecting a macrophage, SEM
  12. Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human H9 T cell
  13. Breast cancer cells, SEM
  14. Microscopic view of rotavirus
  15. Virus particles, conceptual artwork
  16. Pneumonia Strikes like a Man Eating Shark - WPA Poster
  17. HIV virus particles, artwork
  18. Colorized scanning electron micrograph of filamentous Ebola virus particles
  19. Scanning electron micrograph of Staphylococcus and a dead human neutrophil
  20. Colorized image of HIV-infected H9 T-cell
  21. Tuberculosis, Don't Kiss Me!: Your Kiss of Affection, the Germ of Infection - WPA Poster
  22. Cyanobacteria, SEM
  23. Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human T cell
  24. Bacteria infecting a macrophage, SEM
  25. Yeast protein interaction map
  26. Microscopic view of the common cold virus
  27. Avian flu virus, TEM
  28. E. coli bacteria, SEM
  29. Microscopic view of herpes virus
  30. Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria, SEM
  31. Syphilis bacterium (Treponema pallidum)
  32. Microscopic view of cell and virus
  33. Bladder cancer cells dividing, SEM
  34. Group of Escherichia coli bacteria cells, known as E. Coli
  35. HIV particles, TEM
  36. Porphyromonas oral bacteria, TEM
  37. Influenza C virus, TEM
  38. Helicobacter pylori bacteria, SEM
  39. Microscopic view of virus
  40. Microscopic view of poliovirus
  41. Antibiotic acting on bacteria
  42. Microscopic view of Giardiasis
  43. Viral throat infection, artwork
  44. Virus, artwork
  45. Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria
  46. Escherichia coli bacteria, SEM
  47. Microscopic view of a leukemia cell
  48. Tuberculosis bacteria, artwork